OSRS Hallowed Sepulchre Improvements Revealed in the Latest Game Updates

Old School RS Team has revealed some Hallowed Sepulchre improvements in the latest rs 07 gold Game Updates, including rebalancing Hallowed Sepulchre’s XP rates. Take a sneak peek at these changes from us.

OSRS Hallowed Sepulchre improvements updated on Jun 18 

There are a series of Hallowed Sepulchre improvements announced from OSRS Game Updates on Jun. 18. Here we introduce some main changes for you, and the full Hallowed Sepulchre changes can be learned from the latest official post.
1. Resolve the issue that bolts fire one after the other. Now they can fire simultaneously.
2. Completing treasure encounters can award a small amount of Agility experience, which will happen twice per encounter.
3. Players can’t use barbarian training methods to light fires.
4. Revert the fire trap on the north path of Floor 4 back to it’s original rotation on release.
5. A 100% chance for Hallowed grapple to grapple successfully.
6. There is a 100% chance for Hallowed hammer to not bend nails despite of the plank and nail combination used.

Actions to rebalance Hallowed Sepulchre’s XP rates

OSRS Team is also working on the Hallowed Sepulchre rebalancing to deal with the Hallowed Sepulchre’s XP rates. Some of you think the XP is not enough, but some of you believe it’s too much. In fact, this issue attributes to the very different playstyles. Playing through the Sepulchre while taking time to get treasure on every floor can gain you less XP. If you only concentrate on completing the floors, it’s possible to boost the XP rate exponentially.
To rebalance Hallowed Sepulchre’s XP rates, this week OSRS Team has added to a small amount of Agility XP to the treasure encounters. And they will continue to work on Hallowed Sepulchre rebalancing with the XP rates to let you get the right amount of XP.

In a word, OSRS Hallowed Sepulchre improvements are shared.

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