OSRS Spiked Manacles Guide: How to Obtain & Comparison with Others

As a footwear with no requirements to wear, OSRS spiked manacles can be useful for some players with its best-in-slot strength bonus. Here is osrs gold spiked manacles guide to help you learn its basics, how to get it and comparison with some other boots.

How to obtain spiked manacles OSRS?

The Spiked manacles are a rare reward which can be obtained from medium Treasure Trails. After completing the medium Clue Scroll OSRS, there will be a chance to gain spiked manacles and other unique rewards. It has no requirements to equip.

Comparison with Dragon boots & others

Compared with dragon boots OSRS, spiked manacles have equivalent strength bonus but have no defensive bonuses. Its strength bonus is only surpassed by Primordial boots.
Compared with climbing boots OSRS, spiked manacles have 2+ strength bonus. However, the spiked manacles have negative bonuses for Magic attack (-3), Magic defence (-4) and Ranged attack (-1), and climbing boots have none of them. In addition, climbing boots also offer +2 Slash and +2 Crush melee defence bonus.

Hope our OSRS spiked manacles guide can help you know more about this footwear.

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