OSRS Saradomin Guide: How to Kill Zilyana

The God Wars Dungeon (or ‘GWD’ for short) is a dungeon where armies of osrs gold various gods fight, left over from the God Wars. One of these armies is the Saradomin force, whose appointed leader is Commander Zilyana. She is one of the only two living representatives of Icyene race in Old School Runescape, the other being half – human half – Icyene Safalaan.

In order to gain access to her chamber within the Saradomin Encampment, you’ll have to kill 40 Saradomin followers throughout the dungeon. To navigate obstacles, players must bring two ropes on their first visit and have a minimum level of 70 Agility to pass through.

Similar to the other God Wars Dungeon bosses, Zilyana roams around a rectangular room with her body guards until a player enters. She has an attack style of melee and magic, which is quite accurate.

If every player in the room leaves, her health and stats will reset.

Each of her bodyguards use different combat style attacks, and can be differentiated by their given names.

- Bree (Ranged)

- Starlight (Melee)

- Growler (Magic)

You can only enter the God Wars Dungeon, if you meet the following requirements.

· Completion of Death Plateau and the start of Troll Stronghold to the point where you defeat Dad.

· One rope is required to access the God Wars Dungeon for the first time.

· Two ropes are required to navigate Saradomin’s Encampment for the first time.

· Level 70 Agility is required to access Saradomin’s Encampment (cannot be boosted).

· Level 37 Prayer to activate Protect from Magic.

It is also suggested that you have these minimum skill requirements before stepping foot in the dungeon.

- 100+ Combat Level

- 70+ Agility Level (Important Requirement)

- 80+ Ranged

- 80+ Defence (The higher, the better)

- 70+ Hitpoints

- 44+ Prayer (74+ to use Rigour)

Now, as for the equipment’s recommended to fight against Commander Zilyana – I’ll list them at the end of the guide. So, let’s begin with the strategy!

Many players prefer using an Ecumenical key (used to instantly access the boss room) to skip the kill count. Although Saradomin’s kill count is considered to be somewhat quick, this is only partially true if the player has 83 Slayer, as Saradomin’s spiritual warriors and mages are aggressive towards Zamorakian followers.

Commander Zilyana offensively possesses 280 Attack, 196 Strength, 300 Defence, 300 Magic, and 250 Ranged, along with 195+ melee accuracy, +20 melee strength, and +200 magic accuracy. Despite her higher defence level (+100 towards all attack styles), Zilyana is quite easy to damage. Although her max hit is relatively low, with her melee attacks dealing up to 27 damage, and her magic dealing 10-20 damage, she makes up for this with an attack speed of 2. Combined with the massive accuracy bonuses she possesses, this makes fighting her normally extremely dangerous, as the precise attacks and rapid attack speed will cause a swift death for her target. Like Graardor and K’ril however, Zilyana can only use her magic attack when in melee distance. Zilyana possesses three bodyguards; Bree, Growler and Starlight, who use ranged, magic and melee and deal 16, 16 and 15 damage respectively.

Her bodyguards are significantly weaker compared to the other generals’, but they still shouldn’t be underestimated.

The most commonly accepted method to battle Zilyana is to bring a crossbow with diamond enchanted bolts (normal or dragon, although the latter is stronger) or a twisted bow, as Zilyana has an extremely high Magic level compared to the other generals. Zilyana’s chamber is larger than the other generals, which allows for an effective use of kiting. In order to kite successfully, the player will need to bring stamina potions to circumvent the weight of carried equipment. Attack every once in a while, as Zilyana chases after you.

Protect from Magic should be used by default. It is also important to kill everyone in the following order; When Zilyana dies, kill Bree because he will be the only one dealing damage, then Starlight and Finally Growler. You can use the toxic blowpipe to clear the bodyguards, as well as heal. Although, you can kill them in a different order using Blood Barrage, using a blowpipe is more common to simply kill them off. You can bring bones to peaches tablets to restore health at the end of each encounter, as Zilyana and her bodyguards drop bones.

A question that arises is, what happens if you go in as a team?

In a team setting, if Zilyana cannot attack her current target, she will change aggression to a nearby attacker. It is important to notice a ‘pause’ in Zilyana’s movement, which will be for a few seconds before she uses her magic attack.

If you’re a melee user, it is recommended that you wear a Verac’s set, as it circumvents Zilyana’s very high defence. Melee users cannot fight back when they are targeted without taking heavy damage, but ranged users can continue to attack so long as they keep their distance through kiting. However, melee users can utilise either the Zamorak godsword’s (ZGS) special attack to allow for easy retreats, or Bandos godsword’s (BGS) special attack to reduce Zilyana’s high defence level. Since the accuracy of godsword special attacks are superior, it makes them the most reliable weapon in this situation.

2 offensive combat styles are recommended while fighting Commander Zilyana; Range and Melee.

The recommended equipment’s listed below are in the order of most effective to the least effective (Right – Left).

Range equipment

Head – Armadyl Helmet, Justiciar Faceguard, Verac’s Helm, Saradomin Coif, Helm of Neitiznot

Neck – Necklace of Anguish, Amulet of Fury, Amulet of Glory, Holy/Unholy Symbol

Cape – Ranging Cape (t), Ava’s Assembler, Ava’s Accumulator, Ava’s Attractor

Body – Armadyl Chestplate, Saradomin/Zamorak D’hide Body

Legs – Armadyl Chainskirt, Saradomin/Zamorak Chaps

Weapon – Twisted Bow, Armadyl Crossbow, Dragon Hunter Crossbow, Dragon Crossbow, Rune Crossbow

Shield – Twisted Buckler, Dragonfire Ward, Odium Ward, Crystal Shield, Granite Shield

Ammunition – Dragon Arrow, Diamond Dragon Bolts (e), Diamond Bolts (e)

Hand – Barrows Gloves, Saradomin/Zamorak Braces

Feet – Pegasian Boots, Saradomin/Zamorak D’hide Boots, Ranger Boots

Ring – Ring of Suffering (i), Archers Ring (i), Ring of the Gods (i), Granite Ring (i)

Special Attack – Toxic Blowpipe, Armadyl/Dragon Crossbow

Melee Equipment

Head – Verac’s/Barrows Helm, Neitiznot Faceguard, Helm of Neitiznot

Neck – Amulet of Fury, Amulet of Glory, Holy/Unholy Symbol

Cape – Infernal Cape, Fire Cape, Cape of Accomplishment, Mythical Cape, Obsidian Cape

Body – Verac’s Brassard, Bandos Chestplate, Saradomin/Zamorak D’hide Body

Legs – Verac’s Plateskirt/Barrows Equipment, Bandos Tassets, Dragon Platelegs/Plateskirt

Weapon – Verac’s Flail, Preferable Godsword, Zamorakian Spear/Hasta, Abyssal Tentacle/Whip

Shield – Dragonfire Shield, Crystal Shield, Toktz-Ket-Xil, Dragon Sq Shield

Hand – Barrows Gloves, Dragon Gloves, Rune Gloves

Feet – Primordial Boots, Guardian Boots, Dragon Boots, Bandos Boots, Rune Boots

Ring – Brimstone Ring, Berserker Ring (i), Warriors’ Ring (i), Ring of Wealth, Ring of Life

Special Attack – Crystal Halberd, Dragon Halberd, Dragon Mace, Dragon Dagger


Good luck taking on Saradomin!

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WoW Classic (1.13.6): Learn the Items and Content & Bug Fixes

Blizzard has announced that WoW Classic 1.13.6, the final major content patch of Classic WoW, will be released on December 1st, with the Naxxramas raid following on December 3rd, which is considered to be the most difficult raid before the first expansion. In addition to Naxxramas, there is also Scourge Invasion content, which will go live on December 3rd as well.

Now it is available to be tested on the PTR, and you can have a try before the full launch of the final version.

Items and Content

1. Players who become exalted with Warsong Gulch can now receive an epic-quality leg-piece.

2. Cenarion Circle reputation can be used to craft equipment with nature resist.

3. Zul’Gurub can now drop nature resits enchants for leg and headgear.

4. Players can obtain new skill books for new skill ranks including Frost Ward, Shadow Ward, Flame Shock, Conjure Food, Eviscerate, and    Ferocious Bite.

5. Silithus and Eastern Plaguelands will now have PvP objectives.

6. Players can acquire an epic ring with nature resistance from a quest to kill an Elemental Lord in Cenarion Hold.

7. Players can use trade-in components and earn gear using Argent Dawn Tokens at Light’s Hope Chapel.

Bug Fixes

1. It fixes an issue that some players had with auras and buffs not properly applying an Attack Power boost to ranged attacks.

2. It fixes a problem with Darkmoon Card: Twisting Nether that made it sometimes stop working on Priest characters with Spirit of Redemption after logging in and out.

3. It fixed an issue that made Improved Weapon Totems not properly apply to other players in the party.

4. Players will no longer be able to exploit terrains in Booty Bay and grief others without drawing attention from guards.

5. The mail auto-complete filter has been streamlined. It’s now easier to send mail to other players with names similar to members in your guild.

6. Using Prowl on a pet will no longer prevent other pets from using it.

7. Hunter’s Auto Shot will no longer include a slight delay on recast when interrupted by Aimed Shot.

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WOW Classic – Best Wow classic Addons recommendation

WOW Classic addons have come an extended way since 2006. Here’s an inventory of the simplest of them for players of all types looking to smooth an old favorite.

Best WoW Classic Addons – General

Leatrix – Leatrix is supposed to reinforce the user interface’s default settings. Players can found out some seriously helpful script, like automatically selling the grey items they devour – commonly mentioned as “vendor trash” by veterans. Other incredible features include having the ability to auto-accept, select, or turn-in quests without having to navigate the in-game menus (a useful gizmo for veterans who’ve been through it all before and need to hit end-game fast) and auto-accept resurrection requests, minimizing the quantity of downtime and maximizing the quantity of your time players can spend spamming party chat with 2006 memes while they’re down.

WeakAuras2 Classic – Players get more control with this WoW Classic addon, which allows them to make auras to trace different elements of the sport that the default UI doesn’t. Players even have the choice of importing other players’ auras by visiting archive sites for them.

MapCoords Classic – an easy WoW Classic addon that’s designed with one goal in mind – to feature coordinates to both the map and minimap, allowing players to simply reference their own position and also provide other players with their location in a particular method.

Vendor Price – Another simple WoW Classic addon that will simply display the worth an item sells for to vendors in its tooltip.

AtlasLootClassic – An addon that permits players to see all loot tables from WoW Classic. this is often especially useful for players looking to enhance their gear because it lets them know which dungeons it is often found in and to plan accordingly.

Best WoW Classic Addons – PvE And PvP

OmniCC – This WoW Classic addon adds a timer over a player’s cooldown abilities. This lets players know exactly when key abilities will come up, allowing them to time their use perfectly. this is often useful for basically any class, too. DPS will want to use this to maximize their ability to wreck bosses or other players, while healers will got to know when their most clutch heals are available to be ready to time them right and not waste time. For tanks, control and aggro management will always be crucial, and OmniCC helps smooth rotations and help on-the-fly planning when things inevitably go south.

HealComm – an important addon for healers who are working the end-game of WoW Classic and attempting to figure as a part of a multi-healer team. HealComm broadcasts when other healers are using their spells and who they’re using them on. a whole team of healers with HealComm will avoid the tragic – and sometimes wipe-inducing – use of multiple different heal spells on a target that only needs one, and for that reason, it’s a simple pick-up for anyone looking to up their game and reduces their frustration.

BigWigsBoss mods – Another simple addon that’s nevertheless one among the simplest available to WoW Classic raiders. This addon introduces timers and notifications for boss mechanics in dungeons, ensuring that players who are unacquainted with end-game mechanics won’t get completely exhausted by them as they’re learning. This even applies to dungeons over the leveling experience, which may help expedite the grind to level 60.

Deadly Boss Mods – Classic – Another modification that adds timers and notifications to boss fights. Deadly Boss Mods is one among the foremost popular iterations of addons in current WoW, and it’s a loyal following for a reason – the standard is usually there and it has been reliable over a span of many years.

Don’t forget to check our website-WOWclassicgp.com. We will continue to bring the latest information about WOW Classic. Of course, we also support WOW Classic Gold online trading service. If you are interested in this, We promise you will Buy wow classic gold at lower prices than any other trading website.


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World of Warcraft Classic Combustion Buff Permanent Presence Mechanic Guide

With the opening of the fifth phase of the classic World of Warcraft game and the influx of veteran players, many bugs from more than a decade ago have reappeared on the radar of World of Warcraft players, such as the effect of the permanent existence of the Sandworm Poison buff. while the bug was quickly fixed by Blizzard, players seemed to be inspired by the bug, so recently the boisterous combust buff from the classic World of Warcraft game was pioneered by mage players.

Combustion is the ultimate skill in the Fire Mage talent, the skill effect is that each release of a Flame spell after use can increase the player’s chance of a Blitz by 10% until the Flame spell causes 3 Blitzes and then the Combustion buff disappears. In previous normal usage, this skill was used as a short burst skill that did high damage but had a short duration, but when the buff could be permanent, the situation was completely different.

Recently, you can occasionally see a mage playing INSTANCE with a 5-7 layer combust buff on top of it, and a 5 layer combust will increase the riot chance by 50%, plus the riot chance that comes with the mage’s attribute panel, which can almost do 7-9 riots for 10 skills. This is a very exaggerated riot probability now, and I’ll explain how to get this combust buff next.

The permanent effect of Sandworm’s Poison, which everyone is very familiar with before, is obtained by buffing in and out of instance at the last second, and in fact, this time around, the mage’s combustion buff is the same. Players can find a low level instance, such as the Horde’s Raging Flame Canyon or the Alliance’s Tempest City Prison, go inside and attack a group of MONSTERS first, then players can quickly run to the instancedoor, then the fire mage releases a combusting skill, and then a flame AOE skill, such as Shockwave, etc., when players find that the combusting BUFF in the skill box on the interface is in the process of refreshing, immediately leave the instance. At this time the combusting buff will always exist in the buff bar, but the thing to mention is that the number of layers is random, with a probability of 6-7 layers, and as long as the character doesn’t die, then the relevant buff will always exist.

The combusting buff damage is very exaggerated, and I personally think that this bug will be fixed by Blizzard sooner or later, and today many players said that this method has been fixed by Blizzard, but after I tested it and found that it has not been fixed, whether it is the display effect of the combusting buff, or the actual effect is exactly the same as before, which shows that Blizzard did not spend a lot of energy on this problem. By the way, World of Warcraft Classic gold, as the most important currency in World of Warcraft classic, most of the players are struggling for wow classic gold, if you want to get World of Warcraft gold classic easily, then come to WOWclassicgp.com and take a look, you can buy WoW Classic Gold from this website.

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OSRS Trailblazer Tasks Guide for Fremennik Provinces Tasks of All Difficulty Levels

OSRS Trailblazer League has been released with various tasks. Here is our OSRS Trailblazer tasks guide for rs 07 gold Fremennik Provinces tasks of all difficulty levels.

Fremennik Provinces OSRS Trailblazer tasks (Easy)

1. Switch to the Lunar Spellbook
2. Defeat a Rock Crab in the Fremennik Province
3. Defeat a Cockatrice in the Fremennik Province
4. Defeat a Pyrefiend in the Fremennik Province
5. Defeat a Troll in the Fremennik Province
6. Complete the Easy Fremennik Diary
7. Deposit an Item Using Peer the Seer
8. Use the Bank on Jatizso
9. Use the Bank on Neitiznot
10. Use the Bank on Lunar Isle

Fremennik Provinces Trailblazer tasks (Medium)

1. Cast Moonclan Teleport
2. Move Your House to Rellekka
3. Craft 50 Astral Runes
4. Complete the Penguin Agility Course
5. Catch a Snowy Knight
Catch a snowy knight OSRS, which can be captured in Rellekka Hunter area.
6. Unlock Free Use of the Blast Furnace
Unlock free use of the Keldagrim Blast Furnace by speaking with the Foreman.
7. Use Some Icy Basalt to Teleport to Weiss
8. Defeat a Basilisk Knight
Defeat OSRS basilisk knight in the Jormungand’s Prison.
9. Defeat a Kurask in the Fremennik Province
10. Equip a Granite Shield
11. Equip a Brine Sabre
12. Defeat a Dagannoth in the Fremennik Province
13. Equip a Helm of Neitiznot
Equip a helm of neitiznot OSRS, which can be obtained upon completing The Fremennik Isles quest.
14. Defeat a Turoth in the Fremennik Province
15. Defeat a Jelly in the Fremennik Province
16. Equip a Leaf-Bladed Sword
17. Complete the Medium Fremennik Diary
18. Complete Throne of Miscellania
19. Complete Royal Trouble
20. Complete Olaf’s Quest

Fremennik Provinces OSRS Trailblazer tasks (Hard)

1. Cast Fertile Soil
2. Build a Gilded Altar
3. Complete the Rellekka Agility Course
4. Harvest a Snapdragon in Weiss
5. Trap a Sabre-Toothed Kyatt
6. Use Your Portal Nexus to Teleport to Weiss
7. Defeat Vorkath
8. Equip an Ava’s Assembler
9. Defeat Vorkath in 2:00
10. Defeat the Dagannoth Kings Without Leaving
11. Equip a Berserker Ring
12. Equip a Warrior Ring
13. Equip a Seers Ring
14. Equip an Archers Ring
15. Use the Special Attack of a Dragon Axe
16. Equip a Mud Battlestaff
17. Equip a Seercull
18. Equip a Leaf-Bladed Battleaxe
19. Equip a Full Skeletal Armour Set
20. Equip a Full Spined Armour Set
21. Equip a Full Rockshell Armour Set
22. Complete the Hard Fremennik Diary
23. Collect Miscellania Resources at Full Approval

Fremennik Provinces OSRS Trailblazer tasks (Elite)

1. Cast Spellbook Swap
2. Build a Gilded Portal Nexus
3. Equip a Dragonfire Ward
4. Create a Catherby Teleport Tablet
5. Equip a Dragonbone Necklace
6. Defeat Vorkath in 1:00
7. Equip Every Dagannoth King Ring
8. Equip a Neitiznot Faceguard
9. Defeat Vorkath 5 Times Without Special Damage
10. Defeat Vorkath 15 Times Without Leaving
11. Defeat Vorkath 250 Times
12. Defeat Vorkath 500 Times
13. Defeat Vorkath 750 Times
14. Defeat Each Dagannoth King 300 Times
15. Defeat Each Dagannoth King 650 Times
16. Defeat Each Dagannoth King 1000 Times
17. Complete the Elite Fremennik Diary
18. Equip a Completed God Book

Fremennik Provinces OSRS Trailblazer tasks (Master)

1. Build a Demonic Throne
2. Equip Every Draconic Shield
Equip a dragonfire ward, a dragonfire shield and an ancient wyvern shield.
3. Defeat Vorkath in 0:45
4. Equip Every Completed God Book

Hope our guide can help you complete OSRS Trailblazer tasks in Fremennik Provinces.

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Bugsnax Guide: How to Find the Hidden Ruins for Tiffany

Finding the Bugsnax Hidden Ruins for Tiffany is one of the few puzzles in Bugsnax that doesn’t involve figuring out how to catch a certain creature. Occasionally simply getting around the world will be a bit of a mystery and finding these Bugsnax Hidden Ruins to get Tiffany back to Snaxburg is one of those moments. You can’t progress the story until you do so if you’re stuck we can help.

There are two parts to this, but the game doesn’t offer much hint on where the hidden doors are, nor how to open them. Thankfully, the first one is nearby, the second one isn’t too far, and both of them are opened by the same method.

How to open the first Bugsnax Hidden Ruins

Immediately across from Triffany’s dig site, you’ll see an archway in the rock where the stones are all cracked. The first Bugsnax Hidden Ruin you need to enter is here, but you can’t break down the door alone. Instead, you need to goad a Spuddy – as an Aggressive Bugsnax, all it takes is for the nearest one to spot you – into charging.

Once you’ve got Spuddy’s attention, stand in front of the cracks in the rock, then just before it hits you, jump. Spuddy will miss you completely and crash through the rock, revealing a hidden cavern with mysterious cave markings. Triffany will then ask you to find the second ruin, which is opened in the same way.

How to open the second Bugsnax Hidden Ruins

This Bugsnax Hidden Ruin is in the narrow canyon, directly opposite the berth Crombo and his bridge are on, and it’s wedged in between the ledge with the Sweet Fryder and the stairs which take you up to Crombo. There are two Spuddys near here, so getting one to charge shouldn’t be too difficult – the hardest part is that they often ignore you and charge each other. If that happens, scoop one in your net and wait for the second to recover.

Inside the ruin, there will be two Shy Weenyworms, and Triffany wants you to catch one. They’re very easy to catch, as they crawl around in a simple circle and don’t even hide when scared, they just stop moving. Set a trap along their path, back away enough that they start moving, then trap them inside. With all this done, Triffany will now be ready to head back to Snaxburg.

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World of Warcraft Classic Game Farm R13 at 73 Years Old

World of Warcraft, as a game that has been operating for nearly 16 years, has a relatively high age group of players at this stage, and it can even be said that more than 80% of the players are over the age of majority, and many players are approaching the age of majority, or even approaching the age of knowledge (the maximum age of the classic game test phase is 51 years old). Buy wow classic gold cheap

The 73-year-old player farm R13.

Today, a player in the outer service showed his R13 character, usually R13 characters are nothing worthy of surprise, even R14 characters are everywhere in the classic game, however this player is a 73-year-old player, and through his own hard work, step by step in the battlefield to hit R13

Even though the World of Warcraft classic game does not have any skill to speak of in terms of honor levels, a 73 year old player hit R13, one has to admire the old man’s perseverance, even though the honor line of the outer clothing is much lower than that of the national clothing, this player’s process of farming honor levels is obviously much harder than that of younger players.

Once the 73-year-old R13 appeared, he attracted the attention of other players, who said, “When I see this player, I see myself 40 years later, and I hope I can still turn on my computer at 73 years old, log into World of Warcraft, and then guard Azeroth.” Of course, it’s still unknown if World of Warcraft will still be around 40 years from now.

There’s nothing wrong with playing games in your old age

In order to keep up with the rhythm of the guild’s copy of the game, he even made a lot of notes on the boss strategy, which shows how wide the World of Warcraft game’s audience is.

Although older people playing games will always give people a different feeling, but the reason why these senior players play games is obviously to get the opportunity to communicate with people, not to mention that everyone’s hobbies are different, some elderly people like to play chess, some elderly people like to fish, and naturally, some elderly people like to play games.

With the increasing age, the degradation of the human body’s functions will make it difficult for the elderly to go out of the house often, and the children and grandchildren have to go to work and school, so the time to accompany the elderly is limited, and at this time, online games become a bridge that carries the opportunity to communicate with people, so it is also a very good choice for the elderly to enter games in their old age to experience different kinds of fun.

Of course, older people can still use the game as an experience, but brushing R13 is a bit too persistent, good thing that this 73-year-old player is brushing R13 in the foreign service, if it is in the national service, especially in the P3 stage, that honor line up to millions of stage, it is estimated that brushing an R8 is a problem. If you also want to make a mark in the classic World of Warcraft game, then buy wow gold classic is a good choice.

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World of Warcraft Classic – Elemental Shaman DPS Explosions

Shaman in the World of Warcraft classic game has always been the face of healing, but shaman players have never given up the idea of becoming a DPS character, after all, a shaman who does not want to play output is not a good healer. And with the opening of the P5 stage of the World of Warcraft classic game, the elemental shaman is also getting stronger in Anchor Instance.

The elemental shaman’s ability to create damage is very explosive, and I’m sure every Alliance player who is keen to hit the battlefield has been baptized by the shaman’s lightning chains and increased earthquake strikes. Before the P5 stage opened, the vast majority of elemental shamans are very suffocating in the battlefield, however after the P5 opening, the number of elemental shamans in the Anchor is increasing, and as of now the elemental shaman is also the only long-range mage profession that can keep up with the fire mages.

At this stage, both in the WCL rankings (4th in Anchor DPS) and in terms of players’ actual numbers in Instance, elemental shaman damage is remarkable, and even fire mages have to bow out for a while if they encounter an elemental shaman with good tactics and no expense spared. So what is the reason for the sudden rise of the elemental shaman? I believe there are several reasons for this.

First, the advantages and disadvantages of the shaman is very obvious, the advantages are high damage and explosive ability, the disadvantage is that the blue potion consumption is very fast, and can not maintain the output for a long time. However, the high consumption of blue potions is not insurmountable, especially with the World of Warcraft classic into the fifth stage, the players’ demand for gold coins is also declining, want to play elemental output shaman never mind the consumption of potions, in order to be able to smoothly into this and play a good injury, these Instance are no matter the cost, co-agent is the most basic, in this case, a copy of the Continuity issues are also largely resolved. Also, you can go to the www.WOWclassicgp.com/wow-classic-us-Gold/ website and buy wow gold classic, which will allow you to purchase supplies in large quantities.

Secondly, from the World of Warcraft classic P3 stage black wing nest open to P5 stage Angela open, in these months interested in playing elemental output shaman are low-key collection of equipment, and the receipt is very good, there is an increase in lightning chain and lightning arrow damage storm totem, coupled with the aid of a combination of potions, a body of attributes and even higher than the mage, good equipment, damage natural high.

Third, Angela itself is a remote extremely friendly instance, and is very suitable for instance, such as dog-headed people’s fire Ao dark ice reflection can be directly ignored, remote OT group to play Oro, interrupt Ksun small tentacles and so on, not to mention Angela copy of the AoE battle occurs from time to time, and the shaman’s AoE ability itself is very strong, coupled with the current stage of Angela copy rhythm are slow, which also gives the shaman sufficient time to recover blue potion.

Of course, inside the fifth stage, the shaman still can’t overtake the berserker, thief, and mage, but this is also a problem with the career mechanics, for example, the warlock’s elemental curse will only reduce ice and magic spell resistance, but not natural spell resistance, so the copy will have to rely on itself if it wants to hit a high output. The good news is that the group in Instance itself is made up of a group of players who are very eager to hit high levels of DPS, and will always work harder in Instance than any other profession. At the same time, if you want to become a successful character in the classic World of Warcraft game, then Buy WoW Gold Classic is a good choice.

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Detailed Info on Changes to OSRS Trailblazer with Update on Nov. 5th

This week sees the release of OSRS Trailblazer League hotfixes. Here you could learn detailed information on osrs gold changes to Trailblazer with OSRS update.

Changes to OSRS Trailblazer League

1. The Production Master Relic works when Fletching javelin shafts and firing pottery.
2. Fluid Strikes will only apply its damage reduction effect if the damage you’d have taken was less than your current HP.
3. Some tasks have been completable.
4. Rune Mysteries will autocomplete upon unlocking Kandarin.
5. You are able to obtain a second Dramen Staff from the League Tutor.
6. Herbs are added to the Herb Sack if it is open.
7. If you lost your Barcrawl Card, you can find the Asgarnia pubs now correctly marked off.
8. The Double Cast Relic saves runes in the Alchemy Room of the Magic Training Arena.
9. Gem Stalls in Mor-Ul-Rek and Keldagrim can now correctly complete the “Steal from a Gem Stall” task.
10. Draining strikes can now correctly round up the damage dealt to the nearest 10 before applying it’s Prayer/Hitpoints restoration effect.
11. You cannot re-watch cut-scenes from Dragon Slayer 2 and Song of the Elves within the Trailblazer League.
12. Unnatural Selection can correctly guarantee Elite clue drops from Superior Slayer creatures which drop them.
13. Deaths that happen within the Revenant Caves can correctly transfer your tradeable items to your gravestone when you die in PvP combat.
14. OSRS Abyssal Sire pet can correctly complete the “Obtain a Boss Pet Task”.

Are you satisfied with OSRS Trailblazer hotfix this week?

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Fall Guys Season 3: Start Time & More Information

At this point in time we don’t yet have an exact Fall Guys Season 3 release date, or much in the way of detail about which way Mediatonic will take our favourite jelly bean battle royale next, but we can already tell that excitement is building towards the next instalment. Thanks to certain in-game information we can at least get a rough idea of when the next phase of Fall Guys will kick in, but with the team currently remaining tight-lipped about what the future holds while adding in various Yeetuses (Yeeti?) around their levels, we’ll have to wait and see – so for now here’s everything we know about Fall Guys Season 3, so far.

When does Fall Guys Season 3 start?

According to the in-game countdown running on the Seasons screen, we’re expecting a potential Fall Guys Season 3 launch in the week commencing Monday December 7 as that’s about time it’s due to expire. However, if it follows suit with the current season then this start date will likely be extended by a few days to ease the transition, and perhaps we’ll get another double game points period to tide us over as well.

What will be included in Fall Guys Season 3?

We’ve still got a fair distance left to run in Fall Guys Season 2, so it’s too early at this point to know which direction the next season will go or what the overall theme will be. As we’re currently back in Medieval times, perhaps Fall Guys Season 3 will switch things up and take on a futuristic guise instead. For now all we can do is wait, and keep an eye on upcoming end of year award shows for possible reveals of what will come next.

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