Guide: Where to Find a Wolf in Red Dead Redemption 2

The exciting world of Red Dead Redemption 2 is now available for PC players to experience and enjoy. This influx of new players means there are plenty of individuals who are learning everything there is to know about the famous Rockstar Games title for the very first time. One aspect of the game that is extremely important is knowing where to find animals to hunt for you to use their parts to acquire money or craft items. One of these animals is the wolf. Fortunately, we have various location areas where you can find a wolf covered for you.

Players will find these animals available to hunt at various spots across the map of Red Dead Redemption 2. One location where you will see wolves is north of the Ambarino lake. Another fruitful location where you can hunt down some wolves in is the area of West Elizabeth. Strawberry is another location on the map that bears a bountiful amount of wolves for players to track down.

Players will find that the wolf is somewhat of a formidable threat and will put up a fight when you are trying to take them down throughout your adventures. However, players should be able to take a wolf down without too much trouble with the right tools and will be able to utilize their materials whenever the need for them arises.

Do you want to learn more about the world of Red Dead Redemption 2 besides the location of where you can find a wolf?

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Fans Ask To Add Expansion To World Of Warcraft Classic, Blizzard Are “Not Oppose”

I am so sorry that it has past a few days after BlizzCon 2019, and I finally was free to write an article for it, even if you know most of wow classic gold cheap the following content, this is very likely that the rest is you really want to figure out.First of all, let’s take a look at the major announcements in BlizzCon 2019 released by Blizzard Entertainment, an American video game developer and publisher, and the article mainly introduces the part about World of Warcraft and Classic, if you want to know all, it is best to check out on Blizzard official website.

Blizzard announced the upcoming and eighth expansion Shadowlands for World of Warcraft through a brief trailer, the players are brought the ultimate undiscovered frontier full of souls of the dead. And the heroes of Azeroth have a heavy responsibility, they must find the powerful beings to seek help in order to defeat the powerful enemies.

This is just a synopsis of this expansion, Blizzard didn’t reveal too many specific details except for the combat mechanism, the level conversion of the characters, as well as the brand new pets, but this does not include the release date of Shadowlands.

Beyond that, some adjustments will be added into WOW Classic, along with the PVP Honor System and bosses Dread Lord Kazzak and Azuregos, coming on November 12 as scheduled.

It must be acknowledged that the release of WOW Classic brought a huge surprise to Blizzard, and before that, almost no one can imagine such a copied game can attract so many players. And the upper limit of Classic is 60, for some players, it only took a little time to complete, so they are expecting something new to add into Classic. That’s the issue that someone mentioned at BlizzCon 2019.

The highest voice of WOW Classic is that whether Blizzard will add the expansion in Classic, just like the Burning Crusade in the old version. That’s because the players are eager to enjoy more game content through them. Although Blizzard didn’t give a reply for it, at least they are “not opposed to the idea.

Fans have the requirement because they want to keep playing this near-perfect game, although some of them may have regraded the old features as bugs just a month ago, it is clear that Classic has been received well by 99% WOW Classic players, this is Blizzard’s huge success. By now, there is no official news from Blizzard to confirm its existence, that is, everything is worth looking forward to.

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RuneScape – Herblore Convenience: Chemistry Kit

With potions accepting accretion amounts of capacity to make, can we get a simple accessory to accomplish it easier to actualize ample quantities of potions?It’s annoying accepting to restock at the coffer every 4 Overloads or end-game aggregate potions.

Example with Overloads: With the Chemistry Kit in your inventory, you can bulk it with acclaimed Herblore ingredients, such as 100 of anniversary Extreme Aromatic (3 doses) and 100 Apple-pie Torstol.

It aswell food vials and clear flasks and all stored accessories can be aloof at a bank.While in a coffer area, you can bang on the Chemistry Kit to accessible a aromatic authoritative menu. It displays all potions you can make, application the capacity stored in the Chemistry Kit.

As the amateur has the capacity to accomplish 100 Overloads in the Chemistry Kit, they can baddest Overloads and accept the advantage to accomplish up to 27 at already (assuming all added account slots are empty).

To accept it plan with Portable Wells, accomplish it administer the furnishings of a Portable Able-bodied if authoritative potions as continued as one is deployed adjacent and you are in a coffer area.

With the M&S rework and the ore bank, I bethink accepting this abstraction for something agnate for herblore. Something like a assemble bank, a herblore lab of sorts.

In the Meilyr commune conceivably aback that’s breadth you get a lot of these potions. You could dump in acclaimed ingredients, RuneScape gold accessible the interface and accomplish abounding inventories of pots.

Would be OP in agreement of xp/hr as some accept mentioned here. Accepting the aforementioned reqs as Prif balances it out a bit and does accomplish sense, alongside aggregate options as I said.

Maybe accept the bulk of assembly be a bit slower than authoritative them normally, so that the xp/hr ends up accepting just hardly lower. That way you’d accept the advantage of traveling slower but added afk.RS3gold

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Big Change to RS NXT Client & Java Client

It has announced that the downloads of the Java client will not be available any more and the RS team plans to remove the Java client entirely by the end of 2019. And what’s the next is focusing on runescape gold for sale NXT client, on which they will contribute to working to make it pretty available on all platforms.

Focus on RS NXT client & upgrades in 2020

NXT client is Jagex’s internal code name for a downloadable client that was released on Apr. 18, 2016. It devotes to delivering better performance than the Java client and more platform as well as operating system support. Based on the current situation of the numbers of players on both Java client and NXT client, RS team has decided to replace the older Java client with the newer NXT client. From now on, they will pay most attention to NXT client in order to make it work well on both desktop and mobile.
From the newest official post, we also know that NXT client is going to make significant upgrades in 2020 based on the continuing expansion and improvements on it.

What happens to RS Java client?

Java client was launched on May. 25th, 2010 and has served RS for about 18 years. It was used by 75% of players before the NXT client was released. However, after the NXT client, the current amount of players on Java client is fewer than 4%, and most players attempt to play the game on NXT client. In this case, Jagex has made a decision recently that download links for the Java  client was removed on Nov. 7, 2019. What’s more, Jagex plans to remove the older client entirely for players who have already downloaded it towards the end of 2019. This means that players will no longer access to the game via Java client.

How do you think of the big change of NXT client and Java client?

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Guide: How to Get Moar Linoge Borderlands 3 Pistol

Borderlands 3 has remained a firm favorite in the looter shooter books, even though it’s been a bit since it’s release and we have some real giant launches coming up. Thanks to Gearbox’s meticulously crafted Halloween extravaganza and more, there’s still plenty for Vault Hunters to look forward to. Check out our Moar Linoge Borderlands 3 guide if you’re pistol-hunting for this weapon in particular now that you’re all done trick-or-treating.

So, you think you might want the Moar Linoge pistol. Or maybe you’re on the fence. In any regard, here’s a little run down on the thing. The Moar Linoge is a Legendary Pistol which has a pretty decent special weapon effect called ”My name is Legion, for we are many” – after you use an action skill, the fire rate and the reload speed of your weapon will increase. Of course, the real draw here is that the bullets ricochet. Yes. Even if you can’t shoot your way out of a paper bag, they ricochet, so you’re at least guaranteed to clip something and do damage to it. Pretty handy!

Now, you might be thinking to yourself, “Do I get this weapon from some kind of event?”. The answer to that is a resounding no. You don’t even have to hunt down some tiny chest in the middle of nowhere that’s perched on top of a giant skag to get it, nor do you have to complete an overly-complicated questline that will take you a day. However, this is a totally random drop from any loot source in the world. We’re talking bosses, a crate kicking around out back, and anything that drops something in-world.

In our opinion, getting the Moar Linoge Borderlands 3 pistol is probably the easiest if you’re dedicated to farming a particular boss.

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Where to get Pre-Raid/Raid BiS Gear for for WOW Classic ?

In order to maximize your DPS, you should aim to assemble the best possible Gear. This applies to both Pre-Raid and each of wow classic gold the Raid Tiers/Phases.

The Best Enchants:

Weapon (1H) Enchant Weapon – Spell Power (+ 30 Spell Damage)
Weapon (TH) Enchant Weapon – Spell Power (+ 30 Spell Damage)
Head Lesser Arcanum of Voracity (+8 Intellect, available from Libram of Voracity Quest in Burning Steppes)
Chest Enchant Chest – Greater Stats (+4 to all stats)
Legs Lesser Arcanum of Voracity (+8 Intellect, available from Libram of Voracity Quest in Burning Steppes)
Hands Enchant Gloves – Riding Skill (Minor Raiding Speed Increase)
Feet Enchant Boots – Minor Speed (+8% Run Speed)
Shoulders Chromatic Mantle of the Dawn (+5 to all Resistances)
Wrists Enchant Bracer – Mana Regeneration (+4 Mana per 5 seconds)
Back Enchant Cloak – Greater Resistance (+5 to all Resistances)

The Best Consumables:

Flask of Distilled Wisdom
Flask of Distilled Wisdom +2000 maximum Mana for 2 hours; effect persists through death. Created by Alchemy. The recipe can be dropped from Balnazzar, Stratcholme.
Major Mana Potion
Major Mana Potion Restores 1350 to 2250 Mana. Created by Alchemy. Recipe drops from various high-level mobs, elites, and Bosses.
Greater Arcane Elixir
Greater Arcane Elixir +35 Spell Damage for 1 hour. Created by Alchemy. The recipe can be dropped from Fireguard Destroyers in Blackrock Depths and Scareshield Raiders in Blackrock Spire.
Elixir of Shadow Power
Elixir of Shadow Power +40 Shadow Damage for 30 minutes. Created by Alchemy. The recipe can be bought from Alchemy Supplies Vendors in Stormwind and Undercity
Demonic Rune
Demonic Rune Restores 1356 mana at the cost of 862 life. Drop from Demons in Azshara, Felwood, and Blasted Lands (Satyrs and Fel Guards).
Mageblood Potion
Mageblood Potion +12 Mp5 for 1 hour. Created by Alchemy. The recipe can be bought from Rin’wosho the Trader, located in north Stranglethorn Vale
Cerebral Cortex Compound
Cerebral Cortex Compound +25 Intellect for 1 hour. Obtained from “Infallible Mind” repeatable Quest, Blasted Lands
Nightfin Soup
Nightfin Soup It provides 8 mana per 5 seconds for 10 minutes. Created by Cooking.
Brilliant Mana Oil
Brilliant Mana Oil +12 Mp5 and +25 Healing Power for 30 minutes. Created by Enchanting. This is applied to a Weapon.

Note1: The list will be updated with new items concurrently with the introduction of new Raids/Phases, so remember to visit this page after a new Raid opens for an update on what current best Shadow Priest items in each lot are.

Tips and Tricks for aspiring Shadow Priest Raiders

1.Stack Consumables and always have Mana Potions and Runes on you. This will allow you to deal more damage more reliably. Spending some additional Gold or a few extra hours grinding might secure you a spot in a Raid, as Raid leaders prefer dedicated and well-prepared players.

2.Downrank your Spells if needed. Downranking is the key to proper mana management as a Shadow Priest.

3.Always try to improve. Get an addon that tracks your performance and try to optimize your equipment and rotation.

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OSRS Bounty Hunter Beta Test Coming With New Changes!

According to OSRS official site, their new Bounty Hunter test begins. Based on the information RS3gold knows, their are some requirements for players to join this test. You can buy OSRS gold from our site to prepare for the upcoming challenges.

To participate in this test, players will need a minimum combat level of 50 and to be carrying a Mysterious Emblem of any tier. Bounty Hunters will receive messages when a hotspot is due to change at 10, 5 and 1 minute before.

Bonus Points

For a normal target kill, you’ll receive 3, 4 or 5 BH points depending on your killstreak. If you kill your target while in the hotspot, you’ll get triple points. Bounty tasks will also give 30 points instead of the usual 10. This bonus does not apply to the milestone points.

Emblem Bonuses

If you have a killstreak of 2, killing your target in the hotspot will upgrade their emblem as well as your own. Usually, only your emblem would be upgraded and the target’s emblem would be destroyed. While on a killstreak of 3 or more, both you and your opponent’s emblems will be upgraded upon a kill in the hotspot.


The hotspots will rotate between the following locations:

1. Mage Arena and Pirate’s Hideout

2. Resource Area and Deserted Keep

3. Rogue’s Castle

4. Lava Maze

5. Lava Dragon Isle

6. Annakarl

7. The Forgotten Cemetery

8. Graveyard of Shadows and Ruins

9. Bone Yard

10. Bandit Camp and Ruins

11. Dark Warriors’ Fortress

12. Chaos Temple

13. South-eastern Wasteland

Bounty Crates

Loot crates have been added to the Emblem Trader’s shop. They cost 5 points each and contain a variety of PK-ing supplies and occasionally an Ornate Maul Handle or Mysterious Emblem of any tier. We’re also giving you 500 points to spend whenever you log into the Beta to test out the crates and let us know what you think!

Player Bounties

The following tasks have been added to the list of player bounties:

- Kill your target without using Chivalry, Piety, Rigour or Augury

- Kill your target with no body armour equipped

- Kill your target with no leg armour equipped

- Kill your target with no ring or neck armour equipped

- Drain 50 of your target’s Prayer pointing using Smite before killing your target

- Deal at least 150 damage using Melee before killing your target

- Deal at least 150 damage using Ranged before killing your target

- Deal at least 150 damage using Magic before killing your target

Are you ready for Bounty Hunter beta test now? RS3gold always offer you cheap RS 2007 gold for power enhancement. Whenever you need help, you can buy runescape Gold and all kinds of other items from our site safe!

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Details of OSRS Bounty Hunter Hotspots: Requirements, Locations & More

OSRS team has revealed that they have added thirteen OSRS Bounty Hunter hotspots to beta. Once you are eligible for these hotspots, you will obtain higher rewards than ever before while killing your targets in the runescape 07 gold hotspot, including bonus points and emblem bonuses. You can now learn the requirements, locations and more from us.

Requirements & Locations of thirteen OSRS Bounty Hunter hotspots

Through the latest OSRS game updates post, we have learned that there are 13 OSRS hotspots added to the Bounty Hunter Beta. If you kill your targets in these hotspots, you will receive higher rewards than usual. But to make these hotspots available for you, you must reach to the combat level 50 at least and carry a Mysterious Emblem of any tier.
These Bounty Hunter hotspots will rotate among the following locations and a map is offered for you:
1. Mage Arena and Pirate’s Hideout
2. Resource Area and Deserted Keep
3. Rogue’s Castle
4. Lava Maze
5. Lava Dragon Isle
6. Annakarl
7. The Forgotten Cemetery
8. Graveyard of Shadows and Ruins
9. Bone Yard
10. Bandit Camp and Ruins
11. Dark Warriors’ Fortress
12. Chaos Temple
13. South-eastern Wasteland

Get higher rewards from OSRS Bounty Hunter hotspots  

If you kill your target in the hotspot, you will be able to get three times as many Bounty Hunter points as you get 3, 4 or 5 BH points before. And compared with the usual 10 points, bounty tasks will give you 30 points while in the hotspot, which is not available for the milestone points.
In addition, the amount of emblem you can get will also be increased in the hotspot. In general, only your emblem can be upgraded and your target’s emblem will be damaged. However, if you have a killstreak of 2 and kill your target in the hotspot, their emblem will be upgraded as well as your own. If you have a killstreak of 3 or more, both of you and your target’s emblems will be upgraded while killing in the hotspot.

Wish you have higher rewards in OSRS Bounty Hunter hotspots.

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Guide for Finding the A True Believer Destiny 2 Ghost

If you’ve been on the hunt for more Lost Ghosts for Eris Morn in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, then you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve been keeping our eyes out too. Getting these Ghosts is essential if you want the full picture of the lore when it comes to the game’s latest expansion. Check out our A True Believer Destiny 2 guide if you want help finding this Lost Ghost.

You’re going to already have found the Lost Ghost Trace item before you hunt down this Ghost, or any other Ghost. It’s randomly obtained from enemies after you’ve finished the initial Shadowkeep campaign, so you’ll have to be cracking into the end-game before you can enjoy activities like this. If you have the Lost Ghost Trace but aren’t quite sure where to start, bring it to Eris Morn who will get you started and task you with finding a Ghost much like the one mentioned in this guide.

To find the True Believer Destiny 2 Lost Ghost, you’ll want to be in the vicinity of the Summoning Pits. To get there, you’ll have to start from Archer’s Line. This will be common for a number of the other Lost Ghost quests. Follow these steps for the most direct path:

  • From Archer’s Line, make for the Altar of Wisdom
  • Once you’re there, exit the Hall to get to the Circle of Bones
  • Take a left and go down the corridor until you reach the metal door to the Summoning Pits
  • Go right, and leap up onto the platform above you
  • Loot the pile of trash that you can see for the Lost Ghost

Now that you’ve got our tips on how to find the A True Believer Destiny 2 Lost Ghost, adding more insight to your Destiny 2 experience should be as easy as pie.

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OSRS: He Knows Just How Easy it is to Lose Track of Time

Desert Insects is What I SeeThrough the game of Old School Runescape the player will come across clue scrolls as item drops from various monsters. These scrolls lead the player to several riddles which may include puzzle solving or destroying a certain monster to gain rs3 gold a key. These OSRS Treasure Trails reward players with various unique items. “He Knows Just How Easy it is to Lose Track of Time” is one such clue.

Cryptic Clues: “He Knows Just How Easy it is to Lose Track of Time”

“He knows just how easy it is to lose track of time” is a cryptic clue found in the OSRS Treasure Trails. There is no specific order for the clue drops, as it is useful to have as many teleports unlocked as possible for travel around the game world. This particular clue is considered a hard level clue, and may be difficult to solve. To solve this riddle, you will need to travel to the Clock Tower.
Finding the Clock Tower

The Clock Tower is found south of Ardougne. Once there, find and speak with Brother Kojo. Brother Kojo will task you with helping to fix the Clock Tower. In the dungeon, creatures have stolen several cogs needed for the Clock Tower. Retrieve these, and Kojo will give you a Watch which will aid you in your Treasure Trail.
Fixing the Clock Tower

There are four colored cogs that must be found and replaced (red, blue, black, and white). After talking with Brother Kojo, descend the ladder and you will find a room with four different colored tiles. These tiles point to which spindle each cog needs to be attached to. Each cog can only be carried one at a time, so replace each cog before moving to the next one.

You must defeat Orgres to get the red cog, and return it to the 1st floor red spindle.

The blue cog is in a cell with a rat that you cannot access. By going to the Ardougne Zoo, you can climb a ladder behind the camel cage. Follow the tunnel to a wall which you can push out to grab the blue cog. Place this cog on the 2nd floor spindle.

The black cog is guarded by two spiders and a wall of flame. You can use a bucket of water or ice gloves to pick up the cog. At the ladder you will find four spindles. Place the black cog on this spindle.

Using rat poison, you can mix it with the food trough in the room with the rats, which will kill them. After the rats are dead, enter the western gate to find the white cog. Go outside the Clock Tower and climb to the top level and place the white cog on the spindle. Then go talk to Brother Kojo.
“He Knows Just How Easy it is to Lose Track of Time” Solution

Brother Kojo will aide you in solving the Cryptic Clue “He Knows just how easy it is to lose track of time”. The player will receive a challenge scroll asking the question “On a clock, how many times does the minute hand and hour hand overlap?” The correct answer is 22.

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