RS Elemental Workshop 2 Quest Guide: How to Find a Battered Key?

Runescape Elemental Workshop 2 is the second quest in the Elemental Workshop series with medium length. In this member-only quest, you are required to access the workshop with a battered key. Here are some steps &runescape 3 gold provided for searching it more easily. And you will also receive some rewards once completing the quest.


Skills: 20 Magic, 30 Smithing
Quests: Elemental Workshop I
Items: Battered Key, Coal, Hammer, Pickaxe, Slashed Book

Getting Started

Begin the quest by going to the Digsite exam centre. Search the bookcases south of where the character is standing in this picture:
The Elemental Workshop II – Search the bookcases for a beaten book

The Elemental Workshop II – Beaten bookOnce you have searched the bookcases, you should find a Beaten Book. When you open it to read it, you will discover a Scroll The Elemental Workshop II – Scrollwith some odd markings on it.
The Elemental Workshop II – Odd Markings

Read the book at your leisure, and bring it with you to seer’s village. You can teleport to camelot if you want.Once in seer’s village, go back inside the workshop from the Elemental Workshop I Quest. If you do not have your key, you can refer to the guide and get a new one from the bookshelf in the seer’s house. If you have a bookshelf in your own Player-Owned House, you can get the book from there as well. Refer to this map for key places in the dungeon:

The Elemental Workshop II – KeyInside the workshop, begin by heading north into the watermill room. Search the machinery near some crates in the west side of the room for a Key. Once you have that key, you will be able to proceed in the large opening in the very centre of the workshop.

Go downstairs. You will be inside a vast, secondary workshop. To the south is an old, broken elemental claw crane and a few crates.The Elemental Workshop II – SchematicsSearch the crates, and you should find a few schematics. Take the schematics with you. Get 3 elemental bars ready (Refer to the Elemental Workshop I Quest).

Head back upstairs to the first workshop, and use your elemental bars on the workbench. You should be given the possibility and option to smith either a Elemental Helm The Elemental Workshop II – Elemental Helm or Elemental ClawThe Elemental Workshop II – Elemental Claw. To make the helm you need to keep the Beaten book with you. Make them both and keep your third bar.

Go back downstairs. You will now need to repair the Crane. Lower it by pulling the lever just west of the crate with the schematics.
The Elemental Workshop II – Lower the crane

Once it’s lowered you will be able to reach it for the necessary repairs. Use your elemental claw on it. After it’s repaired, raise it.

The Elemental Workshop II – Raise the crane after repairing the machine

Once the claw is repaired, place an elemental bar on the Jig Cart. Do not move it yet. Lower the crane again, and it should pick up your bar. Raise the crane again. Now, rotate it so it can be above the lava using the eastern lever. Lower the crane again. This should dip your elemental bar into the lava, and it will turn Orange.

Raise the crane again, then turn it with the other lever once more so you can place on the jig cart. Lower the crane then raise it. To the north of you will be a small area with fencing on 3 sides and a lever as a central viewpoint.

Pull the lever, and your jig cart and bar should move on to the next step, the press. You will need to go upstairs and repair the pipes, however. Go up the ladder stairs near the Schematics crate, and look for a large Junction box. Open it. You will see an interface with 3 pipes on the right and 6 Pipe openings on the left. To connect the pipe junctions, simply click on one pipe section and then click the section to which you want to connect it to. Set up your pipes like this :

The Elemental Workshop II – Set up your pipes like this

Once they are connected in the proper way, go back downstairs and pull the lever that is just next to three small pipes. This should flatten your bar. Now, go back to the mine cart controls and pull the lever once. It should now move on in front of a water tank.

The Elemental Workshop II – PipeYou will need to repair the pipes before proceeding. Search all crates (Upper and lower sections of the secondary workshop. There are some crates under the stairs too, and the location is random for everyone) until you find a Pipe and then go to the upper second section workshop, where the Junction box is.

The Elemental Workshop II – Pipe

Go up north until you see some pipes. One should have a hole in it. Use your pipe on that to fix it. Go back downstairs.

The Elemental Workshop II – Now goback downstairs

Open the door by pulling the lever, and then operate the Corkscrew lever. This should place some railings under your cart. Operate the Corkscrew device once more, and your bar and cart should be place inside the water tank. Close the door with the lever and head to the Western water valve. The water should flood the tank and cool down your elemental bar a bit. It will now be Blue. Now you have to drain the water. Turn the Eastern water valve and then the Western valve. Open the door, and operate the corkscrew wheel twice to place your cart and bar back on track. Close the door.

The Elemental Workshop II – Small cogGrab a Small Cog from the crate near the northern water valve, and proceed to the mine cart controls. Pull the lever once. Now, it should be under a Wind Tunnel. It cannot operate yet, and is need of repair as well. You will have to find 2 more Cogs:

The Elemental Workshop II – Medium Cog The Medium Cog
The Elemental Workshop II – Large cog Lastly, the Large Cog.
To find the cogs, search all the crates in the secondary workshop. They are randomly located for each different person. They can also be on the upper section of the second workshop and there are some crates under the stairs too. Once you have found them all, use them on the wind tunnel Pins on the side. Click a cog and then right-click the machine.

The Elemental Workshop II – The machineThe Elemental Workshop II – Placement of the cogs
The Elemental Workshop II – Primed barOnce correctly configured, pull the lever and the wind fan should start to blow. Stop the fan after a few seconds. Your bar will turn white. Go back to the mine cart controls. Pull the lever once again. Now, pick up your Primed bar from the cart.

Go down the north-western staircases that lead downstairs from there. You should find an Extractor machine and an Extractor Gun. Place your primed bar under the gun and then operate the chair

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​RuneScape – Revert the Addict Bar Amend Now

Please just accept this was adulterated and abolish it.

- Debuff bar no best displays the abundance by which action stats are drained if they are. It just has a bare symbol.

- Addict bar no best displays the abundance by which stats are buffed, either. Just a additional symbol.

- Confined can no best be confused even if the UI is afar afterwards physically removing oneself from any action and aperture adapt mode, about any changes fabricated to the area of the addict and debuff confined are changed afresh aloft login because this bug coincides with the already absolute bug area a absence UI is usually loaded instead of Custom 1.

- Any addict that lasts over one hour has had its absolute continuance exchanged for beneath automatic “1H”, “2H” etc.

- Turmoil and crime addition blame needlessly affectation drain icons. We apperceive what these prayers do. This is ashen space.

- All advisory argument now added difficult to apprehend than before.-RS3gold

This amend has been an absolute failure. If you wish to be taken actively as a bold developer, the aboriginal simple footfall is acceptance if and amend was bad and reverting or acclimation it. This has not been done. All this “update” did was abolish or breach absolute features.

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Learn OSRS Granite Maul Updates: Ornate Maul Handle Added & Maul Handle Effects

From the latest official post, we have known that a new item ornate maul handle can be used on OSRS granite maul. Meanwhile, RuneScape 2007 gold granite maul’s special attack energy cost has been changed in order to prevent this two-handed melee weapon from being too powerful.

Add ornate maul handle & more changes to OSRS granite maul  

The changes to granite maul have arrived this week. Owing to its powerful attack with high KO potential but at a lower cost, OSRS team decides to increase the special attack energy cost from 50% to 60% to make it be less powerful. With this change implemented, you cannot use the special attack continuously. However, to prevent the side effect from appearing due to this change, a new upgrade item ornate maul handle is added to the Bounty Hunter shop with 1,250,000 BH points. You can use an ornate maul handle to enhance the granite maul, which can reduce granite maul’s special attack energy cost back to 50% again. It will convert to 375,000 coins when lost on death in PvP.

What effects can ornate maul handle bring about?  

When you use ornate maul handle on granite maul, the special attack Quick Smash can lead to two or three hits in a very short time with 50% energy cost. If the three hits are timed exactly, the granite maul can kill instantly. But there is a weakness on the special attack that it can’t increase accuracy.
By the way, you can also decorate your granite maul with a granite clamp, which can be purchased from the Bounty Hunter shop with 250,000 points.

The adjustment to OSRS granite maul has been carried out. Come to use it with a new upgrade item for a different experience.

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Six Tips for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – Learn What Have to Master

If you’re diving into the game’s first expansion, then having some Monster Hunter World: Iceborne tips to guide you on your way will be a big help, as it brings a host of new innovations and quality-of-life changes to the base game. While one new weapon in particular puts the best accessibility foot forward for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, being bombarded by a host of new changes in an unforgiving environment can be incredibly lethal for those who are inexperienced. Luckily enough, we have a handy set of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne tips for those who want to know what they have to master before jumping into all the frosty fun.

1. Learn how to use the clutch claw

This is the most important addition to your hunter’s arsenal in Iceborne, hands down. Sure, using it as optional, and if you’ve gone through most of your monster-slaying career without it then even remembering that it’s there is going to be a bit of a nightmare initially That being said, it’s highly effective and versatile if you do figure out how to make it work in your favour. In short, it acts like a sort of grappling hook: aim it at a particularly meaty portion of the beast you’re fighting and if it connects, you’ll be able to essentially catapult yourself over to it.

Depending on the primary weapon that you have equipped, you’ll have a number of options available to you once you throw that claw in the clutch. Want to rappel up the side of a monster like it’s a giant, fire-breathing cliff face? You can do that. Want to steer your agonized foe into a pesky pitfall or vine trap? You can do that. Want to deal a devastating, crippling blow to an enemy? You can do that. The key here is making sure that you capitalize on any and every opportunity to use this new accessory.

2. Pack for the journey

We can’t stress this one enough; the clue is in the expansion’s name. Your fragile hunter bodies aren’t equipped for the sub-zero temperatures that the new location of Hoarfrost Reach brings to the table. Those who are savvy enough will make sure to stock up on Hot Drinks so that they don’t run out of stamina and end up as a Barrioth’s dinner. You’ll also want to make sure that you take on some of the highest level healing potions that you can craft, along with niche items like Antidote and Herbal Medicine. You’ll be encountering a lot of monster varietals that play like previous familiar foes that have been ruthlessly experimented on. Elemental effects are essentially the name of the game, so make sure that you’ve got a little bit of everything in your pack to cure the most pesky of inflictions.

3. Get familiar with weapon changes

Everyone’s favourite weapons have gotten a bit of a facelift in the form of new combos, synergy with the clutch claw, and in some cases, new skills and finishers entirely. Make sure that you’re either giving the full array of weapons a go in Arena if you’re not quite sure what the changes do in practice, or that you read up on how your trusty longsword might have changed. Charge Axe users can now activate Power Axe form to boost damage, or to cancel an attack into a powerful finisher that keeps enemies at bay. Gunlance users get an explosive new skill called Wyrmstake Blast, while Heavy Bowgun users receive new mods. Of course, we simply can’t ignore what they’ve done with the Hunting Horn. Ever wanted to stick your instrument in the ground and just have it spin repeatedly as it pours out discordant notes, ever-ready to knock out whichever monster has picked now to charge at you? We never knew that we needed that in our lives until Iceborne. The moral of the story is to not be afraid to fiddle with the controls until you’ve gotten the hang of how to trigger every new skill that your chosen weapon has. We can almost guarantee that you’ll thank us later.

4. Armor skills, resistances, and effects

When you play the game of elemental resistances, you either win or you die. The critters in Iceborne are no joke, and will come chock full of venom, boiling hot water (don’t ask), or just bolts of electric energy designed to fry you to a crisp. When you’re not dealing with chip damage from those elemental abilities, then you may very well be staring down the barrel of a beast who could end you with one, well-placed bite. We can’t help you get any better at dodging, but we can help you combat anything and everything elemental so long as you’ve got the materials for it.

As with the base game, farming up lower ranking hunt targets and capturing them for resources is what you’re going to want to spend a decent amount of time on when you start to hit certain thresholds in the expansion where your older gear might just not be cutting it. It’s worth it to stay up to date on the latest elemental weaknesses and resistances, as always, and you’ll be able to frontload some of this grinding if you’ve already picked up gear from DLC events or taken down some Arch-Tempered foes for valuable and versatile equipment. Make sure that you’re taking fire resistant armour to a firefight, and all should be golden.

5. Decorate, decorate, decorate

This is one aspect that a lot of players can forget about; it’s not about technically looking good, it’s also about making sure that you have things like Jewels and rare stones in your gear. You’ll get more of these shiny rewards from undertaking capture quests than elimination ones at higher ranks, so keep that in mind when you’re traipsing around the forest. Decorations allow you to customise your gear, whether it’s raising your resistances or improving your damage dealt, so stacking them with the right armor skills is an integral part of making your Iceborne trip go as smoothly as possible.

6. Don’t forget about your base

Sure, you’ll be jetting off to the Hoarfrost Reach in no time flat once you’ve gotten the hang of things in Iceborne. That being said, please never forget your roots. There’s so much to do back in the village, including growing valuable plant material for consumables and also making the most of the Argosy’s rare wares. With all the potions, tonics, and medicines that you’ll be chugging through if you’re cracking into this expansion at the minimum required item level, it makes sense to be financially savvy and to ensure that your facilities in the base are upgraded enough for you to make these important items instead of spending your hard-earned zenny on them. It’s just cost-effective, and coming back to craft is a good way to ensure that you’re also working on picking up bounties and getting into the habit of doing those before you tackle the day’s major hunts.

Now that you’ve got a little bit of a primer to get you acquainted with what you need to know to get into Iceborne proper, we suggest you read up on some of the specific guides that we have about taking down the coterie of new monsters that make Hoarfrost Reach their deadly home. Happy hunting!

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ClassicLFG will be ban by Blizzard

ClassicLFG addon will be blocked in an upcoming patch that will add restrictions to WOW classic Powerleveling the Classic add-on API that will significantly limit this add-on and others like it.

We’ve been closely following the community discussion around this add-on for WoW Classic, as well as analyzing it to make sure we understand how it works. After careful examination, we believe the nature of ClassicLFG is incompatible with our social design for Classic. Thus, in an upcoming patch (in the weeks following launch), we will be adding restrictions to the Classic add-on API that will significantly limit this add-on and others like it.

In line with what we shared at BlizzCon last year, we intend to be very careful about allowing add-on functionality that might undermine aspects of the social dynamics that are core to the Classic experience, even in cases like this where it’s clear that the addon author had no ill intent and was simply trying to provide a service to the Classic community. Ultimately, if a streamlined group-finding system was something we considered compatible with Classic, we would have kept the modern Premade Group Finder tool rather than choosing to remove it from the Classic client.

It’s difficult to articulate a clear-cut rule for exactly when an add-on crosses the line. However, when an add-on goes beyond presenting information or providing aesthetic customization, and attempts to create an interconnected social network that relies on other players also using that same add-on, we are likely to scrutinize it particularly closely.


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News.Learn the New Rewards in OSRS Last Man Standing

After numerous betas, line-of-sight-changes, and a rewards poll, the revamped Last Man Standing OSRS has been released in game. Here you could learn the details of new rewards in OSRS LMS.

Trouver Parchment

This consumable scroll, when taken to Perdu, will offer to enchant one of the items he would normally repair for a fee. This enchantment will enable the player to take that item above 20 wilderness and not have it destroyed on death.Each scroll would enchant one item and the enchantment would last until the player dies with the item. The person who kills a player that holds an item with this protection will receive 75% of the GP cost dropped as part of the kill.The cost of each trouver parchment is 50 points.

Players will be able to purchase the Guthixian icon and hand it in to Juna, who will infuse it into a Staff of the Dead, creating the Staff of Balance.
The Staff of Balance will carry the same stats as both the Staff of Light and Staff of the Dead, whilst also being allowed to cast/autocast Claws of Guthix. The cost of the icon is 500 points.

Five new halos

The Reward Shop now offers 5 new halos: Armadyl, Bandos, Seren, Ancient, and Brassica. These have the same stats as the existing halos. Players can now store these halos in the POH costume room. This will also apply to existing Castle Wars halos with an updated ability to add the decorative ranged and magic armour sets to the armour case. The cost of each halo is 450 points.

Other OSRS Last Man Standing rewards

Besides the rewards we have mentioned above, you can also find the following OSRS LMS rewards:
Swift Blade: This weapon will attack every 3 cycles and be one handed. It has no stats, similar to the Ham Joint. This will cost 350 points.
Deadman Cosmetic Armour: It consists of the chest, legs, and cape. Each piece will cost 160 points.
Upgradeable Cosmetic Capes : LMS will have tiered capes that players can claim from the Last Man Standing Reward Shop. These capes will change based on the number of competitive wins that player has accrued inside the minigame and can be stored in the POH costume room.
What do you think about these new rewards for OSRS LMS?If you want to buy cheap OSRS gold and other products, come to rs3gold site and get the gold safely and fast!

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OSRS Spiked Manacles Guide: How to Obtain & Comparison with Others

As a footwear with no requirements to wear, OSRS spiked manacles can be useful for some players with its best-in-slot strength bonus. Here is osrs gold spiked manacles guide to help you learn its basics, how to get it and comparison with some other boots.

How to obtain spiked manacles OSRS?

The Spiked manacles are a rare reward which can be obtained from medium Treasure Trails. After completing the medium Clue Scroll OSRS, there will be a chance to gain spiked manacles and other unique rewards. It has no requirements to equip.

Comparison with Dragon boots & others

Compared with dragon boots OSRS, spiked manacles have equivalent strength bonus but have no defensive bonuses. Its strength bonus is only surpassed by Primordial boots.
Compared with climbing boots OSRS, spiked manacles have 2+ strength bonus. However, the spiked manacles have negative bonuses for Magic attack (-3), Magic defence (-4) and Ranged attack (-1), and climbing boots have none of them. In addition, climbing boots also offer +2 Slash and +2 Crush melee defence bonus.

Hope our OSRS spiked manacles guide can help you know more about this footwear.

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Details of Destiny 2 Mars Community Challenge

There is no denying the majority of attention from the Destiny 2 player base is currently directed towards the highly anticipated Shadowkeep expansion for the high-profile looter-shooter title. However, Bungie has kicked off a community challenge on Mars to help ease players through this wait for the Destiny 2 Shadowkeep expansion. If you are interested in the details of the Mars Community Challenge and how you can help make sure it gets completed, you’ll to check out everything you need to know about the Destiny 2 Mars Community Challenge below.

This brand new activity that Bungie has opened up to the world consists of four separate challenges which can be completed through the cumulative efforts of every player in the world. From killing a certain number of Hive to eliminating a strike boss a significant amount of times, it will take every player heading to this particular planet to help make sure these challenges are completed successfully.

You can find all of the various tasks that make up the new Destiny 2 Community Challenge below:

  • Defeat 175,000 Wave 7 Escalation Protocol Bosses
  • Defeat 300 Million Hive on Mars
  • Defeat Nokris 150,000 times in Nightfalls, defeat Xol 100,000 times in Nightfalls
  • Use 300,000 Override Frequencies

The majority of the tasks contained within the Destiny 2 Mars Community Challenge are not too complicated and only require players to eliminate specific types of enemies. While these elimination numbers are massive, they should be no trouble to reach when you consider there are likely to be millions of players tackling these tasks throughout the Destiny 2 Mars Community Challenge.

Players will remember Override Frequencies are obtained by combining resonance stems. These Override Frequencies then lead players to the locations of various Rasputin nodes across the planet. This means there will be plenty of players going back to using this item that was introduced in the Warmind expansion.

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News.WoW Classic Primer for New Players

World of Warcraft Classic is right around the corner! Read on for the info you need to get in wow classic gold and get started on your epic new adventure.


World of Warcraft Classic is a faithful recreation of the original WoW experience, as it was in 2006. Everything about the game—from combat mechanics and talent trees, to character models and zone layouts—has been restored to realize a truly authentic experience.

All players with active World of Warcraft subscriptions or game time on their accounts have access to WoW Classic at no additional cost.
1.Open the desktop app and select World of Warcraft from the menu.
2.Under the Version menu, select World of Warcraft Classic. If you have more than one World of Warcraft account, you’ll see a second dropdown for Account. Select the active account you wish to play on from that column.
3.Click the Install button. The progress bar will show you when the game is available to play.
4.Once the installation is complete, click the Play button.

You’ll need to select the realm you want to play on from a variety of available realm types. Make sure you pick the same one your friends play on—in World of Warcraft Classic, characters can only group with others on the same realm!And next? The WiC team is already quite experienced and as Omar has a few ideas about Classic WoW’s future, we have our own on how to insure the website’s longevity. More surprises are being considered and will no doubt be received by the community with unmitigated enthusiasm. wowclassicgp is our baby and our goals remain the same: become the best and most popular WoW Classic website.

Help us grow the website even more by sharing our work on social media so many more people can benefit from our content! After all, mutual assistance remains one of Classic WoW’s main values, in game or not. Aidez-nous à le faire grandir davantage en partageant notre travail sur les réseaux sociaux afin de proposer ce contenu au plus grand nombre ! L’entraide reste la valeur principale de cette version, autant en jeu qu’offline.

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News.WoW Cooking 1 – 800 Leveling Guide

This Cooking leveling guide will show you the fastest way how to level your Cooking skill from 1 to 800.Legion altered the process of leveling cooking. Cooking skill does not limit which Legion recipes are available. The number of dishes produced by each cook varies with recipe ranks.

If you are low on gold, I recommend you to try this Gold Making Guide, it can help you to make loads of gold.If you are still leveling your character or you just started a new alt, I recommend you to use a leveling guide. You can level your character to level 110 in 8 days with this guide.


The recipes used here require at least level 85 and access to the continent of Pandaria. If your level is not high enough, you can visit my older cooking leveling guide, but what I recommend is just to wait until you reach level 85. It’s really easy to level cooking to 520 with this new method. It takes about 20 minutes, while with the older method it would take hours and even days because you need to do daily quests to get the recipes.

Level 90 players should start with going to Draenor and kill mobs until you get [The Joy of Draenor Cooking]. (first, you have to learn cooking from a trainer)Go to the Halfhill Market in Valley of the Four Winds and talk to Sungshin Ironpaw.

Every recipe you will learn grant 5 skillups per craft up to 525 as long as they’re orange. A few of the recipes require [Golden Carp], which can be fished from any water in Pandaria. Just learn fishing and fish in any water in Pandaria, you will catch one every single time. You will also need two [Wildfowl Breast], it’s dropped by Glade Sprinters near Halfhill Market.

1. Learn a recipe.
2. Buy the ingredients from Sungshin Ironpaw.
3. Make the recipe until it turns yellow.
4. Learn new recipe.
5. Repeat this until you reach 526.

Don’t forget to learn the new ranks of cooking at 50, 125, 275, 350 and at 425! If you already have [The Joy of Draenor Cooking] then you don’t have to learn new ranks.

Learning the new ranks and the recipes will cost around 340 gold.As I mentioned before, there are parts where you need some [Golden Carp](42 in total). You can fish Golden Carp with fishing skill 1 in any water in Pandaria. But, you can also make [Grilled Saberfish] or [Saberfish Broth] if you already learned [The Joy of Draenor Cooking].

526 – 675

Note: At this point you can jump to the Legion part, but using Draenor recipes up to 675 is usually cheaper, unless you can’t find draenor fish/meat at the Auction House.

This part requires level 90.

Go to Draenor and kill mobs until you get [The Joy of Draenor Cooking]. Use the scroll, and you will learn the following two recipes:

[Grilled Saberfish]
[Saberfish Broth]

From this point, you can only learn additional recipes as you either cook or taste Warlords of Draenor food.

526 – 600

15 x [Grilled Saberfish] or [Saberfish Broth] – 75 Crescent Saberfish Flesh

While making these, you have a chance to discover new recipes randomly from 12 recipes.

600 – 650

The recipes you probably discovered in the previous step are:
[Fat Sleeper Cakes] – 10 x Fat Sleeper Flesh
[Braised Riverbeast] – 5 x Raw Riverbeast Meat
[Skulker Chowder] – 10 x Jawless Skulker Flesh
[Clefthoof Sausages] – 5 x Raw Clefthoof Meat
[Fiery Calamari] – 10 x Fire Ammonite Tentacle
[Rylak Crepes] – 5 x Rylak Egg
Critical Strike
[Grilled Gulper] – 10 x Abyssal Gulper Eel Flesh
[Blackrock Ham] – 5 x Raw Boar Meat
[Steamed Scorpion] – 10 x Sea Scorpion Segment
[Hearty Elekk Steak] – 5 x Raw Elekk Meat
[Sturgeon Stew] – 10 x Blind Lake Sturgeon Flesh
[Pan-Seared Talbuk] – 5 x Raw Talbuk Meat

As you can see, I grouped the recipes together based on secondary stat gain. All of them have two version, one you can cook with fish, and one with meat. It’s important to make recipes from the same secondary stat group because you will use these recipes in the next step.

You probably didn’t discover all of them from making the previous dish. But, the important thing is to have at least two recipes that gives the same secondary stat buff. If you don’t have two from the same group, you can simply make more [Grilled Saberfish] until you discover the recipe you need. You can also just ask a friend to make one stack from the needed recipe and taste the recipe until you learn it. Or, you can buy one stack from the auction house.

When discovering recipes from tasting the dishes, you don’t need to eat these dishes for the whole duration. If you discover one, you will discover it as soon as you start eating it, so you can just spam eating the dish.

Make 5-5 from any of these recipe pairs. You will need 50 fish and 25 meat for this part.

650 – 675

These are the recipes below that you can disover from making the previous dishes:

Two dish recipes:

[Blackrock Barbecue] – 5 x Blackrock Ham, 5 x Grilled Gulper, 1 x Fireweed – Critical Strike
[Calamari Crepes] – 5 x Rylak Crepes, 5 x Fiery Calamari, 1 x Nagrand Arrowbloom – Multistrike
[Frosty Stew] – 5 x Pan-Seared Talbuk, 5 x Sturgeon Stew, 1 x Frostweed – Haste
[Gorgrond Chowder] – 5 x Clefthoof Sausages, 5 x Skulker Chowder, 1 x Gorgrond Flytrap – Versatility
[Sleeper Surprise] – 5 x Braised Riverbeast, 5 x Fat Sleeper Cakes, 1 x Starflower – Mastery
[Talador Surf and Turf] – 5 x Hearty Elekk Steak, 5 x Steamed Scorpion, 1 x Talador Orchid – Stamina

Make 5 from any of the two dish recipes. It will require the recipes you made previously and 5 from one of the Draenor herbs.

675 – 800

This part requires level 100.
Recipe ranks

Every Legion cooking recipe have 3 ranks. Higher rank recipes allow you to cook more food for the same materials, and higher rank recipes also give skill points much longer. (the exceptions are the new Feast recipes, you always make one, but it will cost fewer materials)

If you hover over the little stars in your spellbook, you can see the source of the next rank for the selected recipe.
Cooking Research

The best cooking recipes and every rank 2 and rank 3 recipes are unlocked by doing research at Nomi’s test kitchen at Dalaran.

To unlock the cooking research, you have to find a cooking recipe in the world, then Nomi will spawn near you, and offer you a quest: Too Many Cooks – Horde / The Prodigal Sous Chef – Alliance. (If you don’t have any new legion recipe yet, and Nomi haven’t offered you the quest, then you can get one of the recipes below)

The follow up quest is A Good Recipe List. You must learn 6 Legion Cooking recipes. Sometimes it doesn’t count your cooking recipes correctly, but a quick logout should fix it.

These 6 recipes are the easiest to get:

[Recipe: Bear Tartare] – dropped by Mordvigbjorn at Stormheim.
[Recipe: Barracuda Mrglgagh] – To get this recipe, you must do three short quests from King Mrgl-Mrgl (at 42.7, 10.9). These quests are: Slime Time, I’ll Huff, I’ll Puff…, Nature vs. Nurture. After you complete these 3, you will get the quest Murlocs: The Next Generation which will reward you with the recipe.
[Recipe: Salt and Pepper Shank] – You have to finish the following 3 quests at Highmountain for this recipe. First you must do Amateur Hour and Lion Stalkin’ from Hemet Nesingwary. After you finish these two, you can pick up the quest I’m Not Lion! from Ellias.
[Recipe: Deep-Fried Mossgill] – Get A Village in Peril from Darcy Heathrow at Val’Sharah 54.79, 52.77 (lying on the ground). This quest sends you to Bradensbrook where you complete it by talking to Mayor Heathrow. After turning in this quest to Mayor Heathrow in Bradensbrook, you can head directly to Cecily Radcliffe at 37.11, 58.31 and begin Shriek No More.
[Recipe: Leybeque Ribs] – Dropped by Myonix at Suramar. (level 110 rare)
[Recipe: Fighter Chow] – Kill Salteye Murlocs at Azsuna until you get [Okuna's Message]. This item begins the quest Bottled Up, which will send you to Lady Irisse. Then you will getInfiltrating Shipwreck Arena, in which you find Okuna Longtusk. Okuna gives you a series of quests, ultimately bringing you to Morale Booster, which rewards you with this recipe.
Alternative recipe if you are not level 110 yet, and can’t kill Myonix:

[Recipe: Drogbar-Style Salmon] – Kill Dogbar mobs at Highmountain. I could get this one in 5 minutes on all of my characters, but you might not be so lucky, and it can take 10-30 minutes until you get it. There is a spot at Highmountain where Mightstone Flankers and Mightstone Slingers are fighting friendly NPCs and they respawn almost instantly after you kill them, so there are usually 4-7 mobs up.

You are now able to start Work Orders for any type of Legion meat or fish you have in your bags. Each Work Order takes 4 hours. Creating a Work Order with a specific ingredients has a chance to teach you a recipe that uses that ingredient.

Getting new recipes from the research is not 100%. There is a high chance you will get [Badly Burnt Food].

25 x [Rank 1 - Salt and Pepper Shank] – 125 x [Lean Shank], 250 x Flaked Sea Salt, 250 x Dalapeno Pepper

You can buy the Flaked Sea Salt and the Dalapeno Pepper from the vendor near your cooking trainer at Dalaran.

I recommend this recipe because Lean Shank is usually the cheapest meat. But you can use any other recipe you have if you can find cheaper materials for those. [Dried Mackerel Strips] and [Bear Tartare] can be good alternative.

Visit your cooking trainer at Dalaran and learn the next rank of cooking. The trainers are Awilo Lon’gomba for Horde and Katherine Lee for Alliance.

Use [Lean Shank] for research until you get [Rank 2 - Salt and Pepper Shank] and [Rank 3 - Salt and Pepper Shank].

55 x [Rank 3 - Salt and Pepper Shank] – 275 x [Lean Shank], 250 x Flaked Sea Salt, 250 x Dalapeno Pepper

You can also use [Silver Mackerel] or [Fatty Bearsteak] for research if you choose the recipes mentioned in the previous step.

There are only 7 recipes that you can use to level cooking to 800. All 7 of them comes from cooking discovery, and you need the rank 3 versions because the rank 2 recipes turn grey at 780. So, you shouldn’t even craft the rank 2 for leveling because you will have to get the rank 3 no matter what and this way at least you get more food.

You need to choose from one of these recipes below and pick one of the ingredients to use as research until you get the rank 3 recipe. You can get duplicate recipes, therefore it’s a good idea to check your workorder often and learn the rank 1 recipe before you finish more work orders, so you have a chance to get rank 2 and not another rank 1.

List of recipes and the meat/fish needed for research:
[Azshari Salad] – Research: [Lean Shank] or [Runescale Koi]
[Crispy Bacon] – Research: [Slice of Bacon]
[Fishbrul Special] – Research: [Cursed Queenfish], [Mossgill Perch] or [Black Barracuda]
[Lavish Suramar Feast] – Research: [Runescale Koi], [Leyblood]
[Nightborne Delicacy Platter] – Research: [Wildfowl Egg]
[Seed-Battered Fish Plate] – Research: [Runescale Koi] – Not yet confirmed, but might also come from [Silver Mackerel]
[The Hungry Magister] – Research: [Highmountain Salmon] or [Fatty Bearsteak]

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