players with founder pack are Living

MapleStory 2 allowed gamers to play ahead of the expected opening date of October 10th, but had to pay for the founder pack.
MapleStory 2 is set to open on Oct. 10, but surprisingly, gamers are now able to play. Of course, those who want to play will have to spend money to join in advance. In fact, this is NPH’s head start support for players who buy the founder pack, refer to this site
As known, MapleStory 2 received the attention of many Vietnamese gamers by the non-target action play with the combo extremely interesting, almost all players control the character moves, fluttering in the game. via keyboard. Along with that, the animation platform is very cute and beautiful.
MapleStory 2 is a non-target action where players can perform continuous combos through hot keys on the keyboard.

It should be noted that, almost all players control the character moves, fluttering in the game through the keyboard. Of course, players can still use the mouse but mainly to choose the symbols such as character, bag map ..

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Learn Details of New RS Hunter Method with Hunter Changes

It is exciting that a brand-new Hunter method will be introduced to RS in July. This new Hunter method will change the way players hunt, and there will be other changes and improvements with rs3 gold Cheap& the Hunter update.

New RuneScape Hunter method introduced soon

It has been confirmed there will be a new RuneScape Hunter method introduce to the game this July, which will completely change the way you hunt. The new Hunter method adds brand new and exciting mechanics and PvM style drops, which have a chance of including unique items. Although the develop team has not revealed more details, we could look forward to the different game experience with this new method.

Changes to tick manipulation & Elite Trapper

RuneScape tick manipulation is a method which can be used to speed up the trap laying process through potion drinking. In fact, this is a gameplay bug like the Continuous Four Tick Auto Attack. Therefore, the develop team is removing this functionality entirely to bring these inflated XP rates down.

To compensate for the change, RuneScape Elite Trapper outfit will have an increased chance of instantly deploying or picking up traps. In addition, the team will unlock the ability to purchase the outfit’s blueprint in-game with a new Hunter currency, which will arrive alongside the aforementioned Hunter update this July. Players can gather Hunter fragments from training hunter once they hit level 70, much like other outfits.

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Quick guide:Boric’s Task III RS MiniQuest Walkthrough

Boric’s Task III is Boric’s third task as part of the Doric and Boric tasks.The Doric and Boric tasks are a series of miniquests which consist of tasks for both Doric and Boric which can be completed after the What’s Mine is Yours quest, receiving Mining and Smithing experience and charges on the Gofannon amulet. Here is a guide for the Boric’s Task III RS quest to help you complete it easily and fast.

Basics of Boric’s Task III RS miniquest

Boric’s Task III RS quest is an experienced quest, need members,60 Mining requirements.To start this quest, you need to speak to Boric in the workshop beneath Doric’s hut north of Falador.

Boric’s Task III RS miniquest Walkthrough

1.Boric will tell you that he has negotiated with the Mining Guild to provide supplies.
2. Boric asks that you mine 15 orichalcite and 10 runite ore. The ore cannot be noted and you must have all 25 for it to work when you show it to Boric. It also must be done within the Mining Guild mine, the Mining Guild resource dungeon will also work.
3. The Dungeoneering cape and skills necklace have direct teleports to the Mining Guild.
4.You have to talk to one of the dwarves at the Mining Guild before you start mining ores.
5.When you’ve obtained the correct amounts of both ores, your chatbox will read “You’ve gathered enough ore to satisfy the Mining Guild dwarves. Head back to Boric with the ore.” Extra ore gained through Varrock armour does count. The buff gained from mining a Shooting Star does not count, nor does extra ore gained from leveling benefits. If you’re using the imcando pickaxe and it smelts the ore, it will still count towards the satisfaction of the Mining Guild.
6. You still need 10 runite ores and 15 orichalcite ores to satisfy Boric.Return with the ore to Boric.
You have completed Boric’s Task III RS quest.

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Learn Swtor Jedi Shadow Tank Guide

An in-depth Jedi Shadow Tank Guide (the Knetic Combat Discipline) for PvE, suitable for beginner players who seek to learn how to improve their performance! Besides, you can get help from with swtor gold for sale.


Shadow Tanks are currently the strongest tanks in a PvE setting, and by a very large margin. They have access to a strong suite of defensive cooldowns, have the highest overall mitigation (and lowest DTPS, or damage taken per second), and have the ability to trivialize or downright skip certain mechanics in endgame content.

Shadow Tanks are downright broken when played correctly, and to do so requires a bit of micromanagement (in the form of watching your buff bar), as it relies heavily on active mitigation. However, Shadow Tanks are not that difficult to play, and this guide will go over the basics of Shadow Tanking.


Gearing is very linear for all classes and roles nowadays, however, optimizing your gear as a tank requires a lot more work than it does for the other roles. Here is a basic outline of what your gear should look like as a Shadow Tank, complete with an optimal stat distribution for 252 and 258 gear.

Tanks are always the least-played and in highest demand not just in SWTOR, but in all traditional MMO games. Nothing happens without a tank and tanks are the ones, who usually lead the group. When the tank fails, everybody fail. Their responsibility is a lot bigger than any other raid team member.

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How to Complete NW Double Guild Mark Event for Module 15?

Double Guild Marks is part of the regular weekend rotation that usually runs from Thursdays to Mondays. In this guide, we’ll be looking at how you can prepare for, and profit from, the event the most. As the name suggests, feeding resources to your Stronghold’s coffers will result in twice the Guild Marks over the course of the event days. So donating what you have obviously makes much sense.

Planning More Important Than Farming

The most interesting aspect of Double Guild Marks is that you don’t make as much profit farming it while it’s up. Instead, you should plan ahead and gather all the stuff you plan to donate in advance. Usually, players stack up Influence, epic gear pieces, Quartermaster drops, and other stuff and throw it into guild coffers during x2 GM. This is indeed the most effective way to deal with the event.
So what resources can be accumulated easily? First of all, Influence. Run your daily HEs in your Stronghold with as many characters as possible (and with as many you can bear). I’ve also mentioned epic gear pieces. Since Module 15 took away the ability to salvage them into RADs, most players should be hoarding them for Guild Marks. The only issue is that big alliances and guilds might operate at the Surplus Equipment Coffer capacity cap. If that’s the case you need to create some dummy guilds to turn gear into GMs. A group of five people can create a guild, fill the Coffer, delete the guild, and repeat. It’s been in the game forever. So even if it’s technically an exploit it has turned into a feature by now. The devs never cared and most Mastercrafters have accumulated their GMs this way. The same applies to Quartermaster Bags, which also count as Surplus Equipment.

Chain Double Events

You can also farm campaigns for currency, but I wouldn’t do it for the measly amount of GMs you’ll get out of it. All best ways to acquire Guild Marks are by the way written up in this guide. So absolutely make sure to read through it as well as it contains much more information.

The Double Guild Mark event is a key component of some important event chains. You can, for example, farm Influence during a corresponding double event and then trade it in during x2 GM. The same with Stronghold Shards, or Double Enchantments (although it’s advised to spend or sell RPs instead of donating them to coffers). Accumulated Guild Marks can then be turned into ADs using Explorer’s Charts for example. This is why Double Guild Marks is one of the major money makers of the game and should be used extensively. Have fun farming everyone!

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How to make gold bracelets OSRS

Making gold bracelets in Old School RuneScape runescape 3 gold is relatively easy.  This is because you only require level 7 Crafting, a bracelet mound, and a gold bar for each bracelet you’d like to make! There are many furnace locations to choose from. All factors, including furnace locations, will be comprehensively covered in our guide.

You will need to have a members account to craft gold bracelets.

What furnace should I craft at?

The most accessible furnace would be Edgeville to make gold bracelets. Edgeville furnace is very close to the Grand Exchange, to allow you to buy and sell any items you need quickly.

Edgeville furnace is 14 squares away from Edgeville bank. This is extremely efficient in contrast to Al Kharid’s furnace to 30 squares away from the Al Kharid bank.

With that said, the Shio Village furnace is 11 squares away from the nearest bank. However, this does have some hefty questing requirements to access. Beyond that, you must also pay 20 coins for each use of the furnace (though you can deposit coins with the nearby NPC). If you have Karamja gloves 4, you will get unlimited free access. With that said, you may still prefer the Edgeville furnace because it is very close to the Grand Exchange.

How do I get to level 7 crafting?

To get to level 7, you need 650 experience (XP).  Doing the simple quests, Misthalin Mystery and Sheep Shearer (or Goblin Diplomacy in place of Sheep Shearer), will get you the required levels. All three of those quests are available for free-to-play players.

Alternatively, you can craft 260 pieces of wool into balls of wool from level 1. This would actually be done at a 50,000 GP loss because people simply don’t use balls of wools in the economy of Old School RuneScape, but gold bracelets are certainly demanded. The preferred method would be to craft leather into leather gloves from level 1, using a needle with some thread in your inventory on a piece of leather. You’d have to make 48 pairs of leather gloves from level 1 but would incur a small loss of around 10k GP. You’d get 10k GP from Stronghold of Security in Barbarian Village.

You can also make 52 pots, using soft clay. To obtain soft clay, simply mine clay and humidify it. Clay can be mined at level 1 mining, so it’s not hard to obtain. You simply need to use a bucket/jug of water on the clay to convert it into soft clay. From there you can make an unrefined pot from a Potter’s Wheel, and then make the pot using a Pottery Oven. With that said, items can burn in the Pottery Oven, so it is hard to estimate how much soft clay you need in total, or the cost if you buy directly from the Grand Exchange.

How do I obtain a bracelet mound?

If you do not have a bracelet mound, you can buy one from the Grand Exchange. If it appears the bracelet mound is not being sold, simply raise your prices.

Alternatively, if you are a (Hardcore) Ironman, or simply wish to save money, you can obtain a bracelet mound at any crafting store. It is sold at 5 GP in crafting stores, in contrast to 300+ GP in the Grand Exchange. An example of a crafting store location is Dommik’s Crafting Store in Al Kharid.

Is making gold bracelets profitable? What are they used for?

Making gold bracelets in OSRS can be profitable as a low-level money-maker. With each trip from the furnace to the bank, you will be able to make 27 bracelets at once. Ensure to use the right-click option to make all bracelets at once.

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Get Know A lot more Suggestions With regards to Runescape Game Skills

RuneScape is definitely an outstanding point too as click game based upon the fantasies of Gielinor. The player isn’t only able to connect with various other players, yet also with game controlled things and many other areas on the game. It enables the gamer to establish his/her fate as whatever is optional too as is totally determined by the gamer. One of probably the most fascinating attributes in the game is the potential to train and get experience overtime. Whenever you train you get expertise, achieve levels then acquire new capabilities inside the region you might have preferred to train. There is a vast array of skills runescape 3 gold for you personally to choose from for anyone who is hunting ahead to coaching. Lots of the abilities are educated in different approaches nevertheless the education follows the incredibly identical basic therapy of doing something, acquiring experience, moving up the following level and obtaining new capabilities. How ever how can players get encounter points in a talent once they play the RuneScape game?

Firstly, you must know with the 5 sorts of abilities which are readily offered for RuneScape players. Should you liked this posting and also you would like to acquire further information about runescape 07 gold kindly stop by our own web page.They are fight, assistance, elite, craftsmen as well as occasion. The skills adhere to a equivalent typical training concept utilised within the respective groups.

The fight abilities consist of constitution, stamina, assistance, assault, magic, petition, summoning and varied. Aside from summoning also as prayer, all of the other fight skills are educated inside the exact same manner. Any time you educate you improve your combat degree which merely suggests you enhance your expertise in an presented combat skill.

The assistance skills consist of dungeoneering, thieving, killer and agility. Dungeoneering will let the player to train their skills too as also unlock weapons, slayer offers diversity when fighting beasts, agility enables the player to make use of quicker strategies though thieving let the gaining of cash. By training in these abilities, the person is given with an opportunity to acquire far more expertise points in an effort to level up.

The event expertise consist of farming, hunting, prophecy, fishing, woodcutting and mining. The skills are educated reasonably similarly. A player goes to assist supply things inside a certain region. When the source item is acquired, a lot more expertise points plus the item itself is acquired. You will be cost-free to pick what ever you intend to accomplish using the issue you acquired.

The craftsmen capabilities involve fire-making, fletching, smithing, herblore, crafting, runecrafting, meals preparation as well as building. These skills use resource products in the a variety of other skills when instruction. A fine instance is in fire-making. You could possibly use logs that you acquired from wood-cutting to increase your encounter aspects in fire-making by burning them.

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Rocket League for Nintendo Switch gets update that improves performance

Psyonix has announced that this spring an update for Rocket League arrives that among other things the resolution on the Nintendo Switch increases. Furthermore, players will see live notifications about possible connection problems.
The changes in Rocket League have been announced in an overview of the plans Psyonix has for the game in 2018. The biggest operation that can be found there is the Spring Feature Update, which brings the performance improvements for the Switch and some improvements in the onion.

Users of the Switch version can choose from two graphical settings after the spring update: Performance Mode and Quality Mode. At the first, the game runs at a 900p resolution in the dock or at 720p on the battery, with a framerate of 60fps. Dynamic resolution scaling is applied, so the resolution can be temporarily reduced. Quality Mode sets the framerate at 30fps, to let the game run natively at 1080p. Outside the dock the game runs at 720p, but it is somewhat graphically polished.

Another addition of the update is a notification system that keeps the user up-to-date of any connection problems. When there is packet loss, a fluctuating latency or problems with the performance of the server, the players get notifications here.

Furthermore, the update mainly includes changes to the interface, such as better ways to search items and some new menu options. Also the possibility is added to set up tournaments with large amounts of players.

Later this year, Psyonix wants to add the possibility of starting parties with players on different platforms, devising a benefit for the xp system and coming up with new arenas and functions. Support for the Xbox One X is also being worked on, which should be published by the end of the year.

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About RS Portable Vic the Trader

From April 23rd to May 26th you will be able to exchange a Bond& rs3 gold to summon your very own Portable Vic the Trader, like the current Vic the Trader, to spend your hard-earned Bonus XP.

How to summon Portable Vic the Trader?

1. Withdraw a Bond into your inventory.
2.Access the Bond interface, then locate the Portable Trader.
3.Click on the Summoning Stone in the inventory.
4. Deposit unwanted bonus XP.
5.Purchase desired items with credits.
Once activated, the Portable Trader remains available for 1 hour – and if you leave the game this timer is paused.

Difference between regular & portable Vic the Trader

1.Portable Vic will have better XP exchange rates than regular Vic.
2. Portable Vic the Trader RuneScape can be spawned by players themselves with a Trader summoning stone.
3.Portable Vic will only work for the person who summoned him, and the summoner cannot use other Vics.
4.Once activated you will be able to use your portable Vic for an hour
Items from Portable Vic the Trader RuneScape
Prismatic star (small, medium, large and huge)
Prismatic lamp (small, medium, large and huge)
Rare item tokens
Advanced pulse core
Dungeoneering tokens
Dungeoneering wildcard

Finally, thank you very much for your continued support.If you need buy cheapest runescape gold , just click our Live Chat and our team always online!

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Learn Solutions to OSRS Beginner Clue Scroll Anagram Clue

Anagram is one of the clue types as beginner, medium, hard, elite and master clue scrolls. If you have received OSRS beginner clue scroll anagram, here is a guide for you with the solution to each clue.

What is OSRS beginner clue scroll anagram?

An anagram clue is a string of letters, which can be rearranged into another word or phrase. The anagrams in clue scrolls do not correspond with the number of spaces in a name, which means an anagram with no spaces may have an answer with a name with one or more spaces.
The solution of an OSRS beginner clue anagram is always the name of an NPC. Once the solution is found, you can get your next clue by speaking to that NPC. When talking to an NPC, you will receive a challenge scroll, puzzle box or light box that you must solve before receiving the next clue.

How to solve OSRS beginner clue anagram?

1. An Earl
Solution: Ranael
Location: Al Kharid skirt shop
2. Carpet Ahoy
Solution: Apothecary
Location: southwest Varrock
3. Disorder
Solution: Sedridor
Location: Wizards’ Tower basement
4. I Cord
Solution: Doric
Location: north of Falador
5. In Bar
Solution: Brian
Location: Port Sarim battleaxe shop
6. Rain Cove
Solution: Veronica
Location: outside Draynor Manor
7. Rug Deter
Solution: Gertrude
Location: west of Varrock, south of the Cooks’ Guild
8. Sir Share Red
Solution: Hairdresser
Location: western Falador
9. Taunt Roof
Solution: Fortunato
Location: Draynor Village Market

Hope this OSRS beginner clue scroll guide can help you solve anagram clues. If you want to get cheap OSRS gold, you can purchase some from RSorder with only 10-minute delivery.

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