Paper Mario: The Origami King – Fast Travel & Central Hub Location

Paper Mario: The Origami King is pretty breezy for a JRPG. It proceeds at a pretty slow clip, letting you soak in all the sights and sounds as you explore each area. This is great when you’re traipsing around somewhere new, but it’s extra painful when you need to backtrack and revisit old places. Toad Town especially is a bummer sometimes, since you need to come back to buy stuff and it’s enormous. Paper Mario can only run so fast, and frankly real Mario would be pretty disappointed if he knew about it. Even though it isn’t open world, fast travel feels crucial in Paper Mario: The Origami King. So it’s pretty weird that it ends up feeling somewhat tucked away. Here’s how it functions, and where the central hub is located.

This may shock you, dear readers, but Paper Mario travels around his world via pipes. I know, truly Earth-shattering revelations in this one. You’ll run into pipes for the first time in Toad Town, which has its own little network of pipes to help you get around locally. But as you venture out to Overlook Mountain and beyond, you’ll run into more pipes covered in the Origami King’s stickers. If you rip those off and hop in, you’ll open up one of several fast travel routes, and all of them connect back to Toad Town.

It’s kind of odd, but the central point for Paper Mario: The Origami King fast travel is the museum where all your in-game achievements are stored. Here you can find your fishin’ records, your unlocked concept art galleries, your hidden collectibles, and even a shelf of achievement-like trophies. For some reason, this is also where you go to fast travel. There’s a little pipe over to the side, to the right after you walk in. That pipe takes you to the fancy-looking room you see above, which has its own series of numbered, color-coded pipes. Each of those is a fast travel point, and as long as you’ve torn the sticker off the other end, you can scoot on through.

That’s the long and short of it. Mario really doesn’t move quickly in this game, and your only recourse there is stuff like buying a cup of coffee from Toad Town’s shady barista. But that hardly lasts long enough to get you to the other side of town. You’re going to be relying on these pipes if your patience can’t hang. Luigi took the family kart, after all.

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