Participate in RS Buried Treasure TH Promo for Special Chests & More

As the new Treasure Hunter promotion, Buried Treasure returns with a grid of 6 by 6 squares which replace the five chests. During this TH Promotion, there is a chance to obtain cheap rs gold some special chests containing the treasure map, treasure resting animation token and others.

When can you join in RS Buried Treasure in TH?

The latest Treasure Hunter promotion, RuneScape Buried Treasure, is active now and runs until 23:59 game time on October 14, 2019. During this TH promotion, five chests are replaced with a grid of six-by-six tiles in Treasure Hunter. Each tile contains a buried chest, and the amount of chests remained to discover are shown at the right side of the interface.

SpecialĀ chests from Buried Treasure TH promo

Here are the special chests you can get from RuneScape Buried Treasure TH promotion:
Animation chest
Antique chest
Cosmetic chest
Experience chest
Protean chest
Skilling chest

Get RuneScape Treasure map as special reward

The following special rewards can be obtained from any of the special chests:
Treasure resting animation token
Treasure map
A much rarer chance to get a lucky item

Hope you are lucky enough to gain the rewards you want during RuneScape BuriedĀ  Treasure.

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