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Runelabs now is open in RS3 to gather players’ idea together, and those ideas voted upon by the community are likely to be implemented in the game. You will have a chance to become a founder of rs3 mini-game and mini-quests. Are you in?

Runelabs in RS

Submit your ideas in Runelabs
Runelabs launched at the end of 2013, built on the Player Power initiative. With Runelabs, players can submit ideas for RuneScape and have those ideas voted upon by the community for possible inclusion in the game.

In addition to generate ideas, players can also support others’ ideas shown on Runelabs before a final vote is cast. Usually, these ideas may lead to the development of new skills, chat abilities, mini-games, or even new cities and world events with rs3 gold drops. So it’s time to submit your ideas for Runescape 3 as long as you are a member of RS3.

Support ideas you agree with
For the next week, RuneLabs will be open for submissions only. You can click “support” on ideas you agree with, instead of submission. It will last around a week. Sometimes later, Jagex will announce the most popular and choose those that fit the game. The top ideas will go into a Player Power Poll. Once the community has spoken, the winner will go into development.

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Dating Princess

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Rsorder Special Events to Reward Free RS Gold During Valentine’s Day



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