Prepare for FFXIV New Alex Raid and New PVP Mode with Cheapest FFXIV Gil

Are you a FFXIV player? Have you ever tried to complete Alexander Gordias (Savage) for high-tier gear but failed due to the high difficult? Do you want to take practice before joining in battle? The good news is that the upcoming patch 3.2 will bring a less difficult Alex raid, new pvp mode that contains many variations, as well as many other updates. Chances are that Savage of new raid is easier than before, and you will get a practice mode in pvp when ptach 3.2 goes alive. All those make it very necessary for you to prepare enough ffxiv gil, so now just come to, a reliable site that provides cheapest ffxiv gils.

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FFXIV patch 3.2 contains a new Alexander raid

Upon with patch 3.2 in Final Fantasy XIV, a series of new additions will be granted, such as new dungeons, new trial, new crafted gear, etc. Among all, I think the most meaningful update is the new Alexander raid that called Midas. Similar to previous raids, there will be two versions: Normal and Savage. The difficulty of the normal one is the same as that in Alexander: Gordias (Normal). However, the Savage one will be less difficult than that in Alexander: Gordias (Savage). For those who haven’t known, the Savage of Gordias is too difficult to complete so that it remains as non-existed in the game. With the upcoming updates, you will have a chance to earn rewards from the hard mode of Alex raid, not to mention that the value for the rewards for clearing Alexander: Midas (Savage) will be higher. If you want to get the best weapons, you can always buy cheapest ffxiv gil on safewow to help you.

New pvp mode will be added in ffxiv patch 3.2

When patch 3.2 releases, you will get a brand new PvP mode that called Feast, which contains two forms of battle: 8vs8 and 4vs4. It is worth mentioning that you will get many variations including practice mode in 4vs4 form. You can join in 8vs8 by solo or a duo and it will apply win/loss rate, while 4vs4 can be done through solo queue or with a light party, and you can join in a mode that applies rate, or choose a practice mode that doesn’t apply win/loss rate.

With the patch 3.2, new raid will be available, and good gear will be definitely possible, and you can train your skill in practice mode before head into pvp. This is really amazing to ffxiv players. However, this also makes it very necessary for you to buy some ff14 gils to make full use of these changes. Safewow can be the best site to buy ffxiv gil at low price. Now the up to $10 cash coupons are available, make sure to seize the opportunity and buy cheapest ffxiv gil on Safewow.

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