Quick guide:Boric’s Task III RS MiniQuest Walkthrough

Boric’s Task III is Boric’s third task as part of the Doric and Boric tasks.The Doric and Boric tasks are a series of miniquests which consist of tasks for both Doric and Boric which can be completed after the What’s Mine is Yours quest, receiving Mining and Smithing experience and charges on the Gofannon amulet. Here is a guide for the Boric’s Task III RS quest to help you complete it easily and fast.

Basics of Boric’s Task III RS miniquest

Boric’s Task III RS quest is an experienced quest, need members,60 Mining requirements.To start this quest, you need to speak to Boric in the workshop beneath Doric’s hut north of Falador.

Boric’s Task III RS miniquest Walkthrough

1.Boric will tell you that he has negotiated with the Mining Guild to provide supplies.
2. Boric asks that you mine 15 orichalcite and 10 runite ore. The ore cannot be noted and you must have all 25 for it to work when you show it to Boric. It also must be done within the Mining Guild mine, the Mining Guild resource dungeon will also work.
3. The Dungeoneering cape and skills necklace have direct teleports to the Mining Guild.
4.You have to talk to one of the dwarves at the Mining Guild before you start mining ores.
5.When you’ve obtained the correct amounts of both ores, your chatbox will read “You’ve gathered enough ore to satisfy the Mining Guild dwarves. Head back to Boric with the ore.” Extra ore gained through Varrock armour does count. The buff gained from mining a Shooting Star does not count, nor does extra ore gained from leveling benefits. If you’re using the imcando pickaxe and it smelts the ore, it will still count towards the satisfaction of the Mining Guild.
6. You still need 10 runite ores and 15 orichalcite ores to satisfy Boric.Return with the ore to Boric.
You have completed Boric’s Task III RS quest.

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