Reasons Why CameraDistanceMaxFactor 4 Get Removed in WOW Legion

It is announced that players will no longer have the ability to move the camera back from a player’s location by using a known console command “/console CameraDistanceMaxFactor 4″ at a new version of the Legion alpha. WOW players are quite displeased about it. Here Safewow, the best WOW gold site 2016, gives you a brief analysis about it.

Reasons why WOW has made such decision

1.The change is intended to create better parity between players.
In a broader range of gaming genres, being able to zoom out and see more of the world around you provides an objective advantage in the form of information. Whatever the maximum allowed, this is what competitive players use in order to maximize performance, even at the expense of the game’s overall look and feel.
There needs to be parity in this area between players who are using the default UI and those who have addons or knowledge of hidden console variables.
2.Camera locking or increased zoom distances are features in third-party hacks.
Due to some advantages, camera locking or increased zoom distances are features commonly found in third-party hacks for various games. The official has fixed up to 2000 Legion bugs a week, and it is not always obvious which player-facing build will contain a particular one of those fixes.

What are effects for players?

It hampers a raid leader’s ability to effectively direct other players, most keenly felt by those who are melee. Those who have used console/WTF CVars to increase camera zoom beyond that the UI slider permits will be affected. It is changing the way players are experiencing the game in a way that feels restrictive and simply worse.

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