RS 07 gold and Grandmaster Quest in RS – Fate of the Gods

After the release of One of a Kind on 10 March, 2014, many players are complaining that it was RS 07 gold too short as a grandmaster quest. Therefore, in order to satisfy your ambition, Jagex has now released another grandmaster quest – Fate of the Gods. So are you ready?

How to challenge the quest?
For challenging the Fate of the Gods, you must be able to combat multiple level 160 opponents over several waves. Meanwhile, Missing, Presumed Death is the only actual quest requirement.
Besides in order to help you to fully appreciate the quest’s storyline, Ritual of the Mahjarrat and The World Wakes is strongly recommended to complete. Also, for winning a bigger chance, completion of the Mahjarrat Memories can be really helpful, as it can provide you with an Engrammeter that can be used to reduce damage while on Freneskae, in addition to providing further information on Zaros.

What rewards can you enjoy?
Firstly, for object rewards, you are able to gain swathes of XP in Magic, Divination, Slayer, Agility and Summoning.
Secondly, for virtual rewards, you will uncover the entire history of Zaros, which is one of the most powerful and enigmatic entities in runescape.
Last but not least, once you completed this grandmaster quest, you will win access to Freneskae, which is kind of like another quest with high-level combat and extra content. Besides, if you can also complete the recommended quests and finding everything hidden in Freneskae, you can also earn additional XP lamps, a new teleport and two new cosmetic overrides.

Along with all of RS 07 gold those attractive rewards, come with your members to challenge it. You may be the one who finds answers for solving some biggest questions in runescape’s history. Come on and good luck!

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