RS Firemaking with runescape gp for sale 2007 servers

Yup, we will talk about firemaking skill, which is as easy as woodcutting, but boring. You need to keep clicking your mouse. You must have collected many kinds of logs if you keep training on woodcutting. These logs are used for this skill. Near grand exchange, South of varrock west runescape gp for sale 2007 servers bank and north of varrock east bank, North of Draynor bank, North of Falador east bank, North of Port Phasmatys, South of Seers’ village and South of Duel Arena bank are all good spots for RS power leveling because they are near bank. So we can withdraw logs fast after all logs in our inventory are burnt. These spots are popular for most players. Choose the world with less players for training firemaking.

Levels 1-15:

You need 60 regular logs to level firemaking from 1-15. Just withdraw your tinderbox and 27 logs then start burning.

Levels 15-30:

Now that you are able to light Oak logs, and oak logs give more exp than regular logs. You will need to light 183 Oak logs to reach 30 firemaking.

Level 30-45:

You are able to light willow logs now. From 30 to 45, you will need to burn 535 Willow Logs.

Level 45-60:
You are able to light maple logs when you are 45 firemaking. From 45 to 60, you will need to burn 1,573 Maple Logs.

Level 60+:

When you reach to level 60 firemaking, you can light yew logs for more exp. From 60 to 99, you will need to burn 63,016 Yew Logs.

If you want faster exp, you runescape gp for sale 2007 servers can light magic logs when you are level 75. But it will cost tons of money. The best way is that keep lighting maple logs after level 45. Less money will be spent but good exp will gain. From 45 to 99, you will need to burn 96,096 Maple Logs.

You can gain exp via playing beacon network mini-game.

Special items for RS firemaking: Penance horn, clay tinderbox, and Brawling Gloves (firemaking).

Good luck on your firemaking cape!

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