RS Penguin Hide and Seek Rework: Learn Main Changes & Various Penguin Disguises

This week sees the release of RS Penguin Hide and Seek rework with rsgold various new contents. Read the details below to learn the update to RS Penguins D&D.

Main changes with RS Penguins rework

There are some new contents with RS Penguins rework on September 14th:
1. The XP/GP prices of all the items in the Reward Shop have been rebalanced.
2. There is a new item named RS penguin spy device, which can be freely claimed from the Spy Club shop. A fully upgraded penguin spy device will let you get hints for specific penguins, scan for nearby penguins, and freeze penguins in place to help others spot them.
3. There is a new kind of currency Penguins Spotted, which fills up whenever you spot a penguin. The Penguins Spotted can let you gain upgrades to the Penguin Spy Device.
4. The “Birdwatcher” and “Spymaster” titles, a Transmog Case and an adorable baby penguin pet named Sheldon have been added as new rewards.
5. New random spawns lasting 1 minute giving new Reward caskets. Agent 007 appears only for one player. Agent 007 will hand over a Treasure Trail casket and 2 Penguin Points when spotted.
6. Some new achievements have been added.

Penguins in RS Penguin Hide and Seek

In RS Penguin Hide and Seek, players are asked to locate disguised penguins. The penguin spies hide in a variety of disguises.  Notice that the Shadow Realm penguin is also known as RS ghost penguin. RS ghost penguin can be spied after completing Some Like It Cold, with a ring of visibility worn. You will not need the ring to spy on the ghost penguin if you have spoken to Sliske after completing The General’s Shadow, Ritual of the Mahjarrat and Fate of the Gods.

Are you satisfied with RS Penguin Hide and Seek rework?

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