RS Server Backup for Bank Placeholders& Improvements!

This week will have RS Bank Placeholders and improvements update. To run a full backup on the servers, Jagex plans to turn off the servers ahead of the update.

RS Server backup – Mon 30th Sept

From the Tweet from RS official account, there is a RuneScape Server backup on Mon 30th Sept. The RS servers will be turning off the RS servers to run a full backup on the servers ahead of the Bank Placeholders & Improvements update.The Server backup is planned to last about 15 minutes.

RuneScape Bank Placeholders & other features

RuneScape Bank refines several aspects of the bank, including adding placeholders, improving the search engine and being more user friendly. Here are some of the features with the bank rework:
1. Bank Placeholders. RuneScape Bank Placeholders allows you to save a placeholder for an item in your bank. You can keep your bank organized with a specific layout.
2. Sorting options. You are able to get your money out of your account, you need to have a lot of money, a lot of money.
3. Tab changes. You can have up to 15 bank tabs instead of 9, and give each tab an icon from a range of icons and rename each tab.
4. Default number to move. If you activate this, you can withdraw it by clicking on it.

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