RS3 Clan Quality of Life Improvements in Clan Chat

If you are in a RS clan, you must be delighted by this week’s RS3 Clan Quality runescape 3 gold of Life changes involving improvements in clan chat, removal of Vexillum option in noticeboard edit interface, and so on. Learn more details and see what you can enjoy after the improvements.

Details of Clan Quality of Life Improvement

The changes of Clan QoL changes involve a varies of aspects on your daily clan work. Check the list for more details.
1.During your first year in a clan, a special broadcast will fire every three months, then one on your ‘clanniversary’ every year after that.
2.New clan keywords “Discord’ and ‘Invention’ are added as the old one ‘RuneScape 2007renamed to ‘Old School RuneScape’.
3.Title of a clan’s Noticeboard now becomes the name of the clan.
4.Noticeboard edit interface no longer has the Vexillum option.
5.Clan Noticeboard now becomes alphabetised with ‘abandoned mine’ as the entries in the ‘place’ dropdown menu.
6.More info about upcoming Clan events is included in reminder notifications. And when an event runs for 30 min, a event notification message will fire.
7.Hovering over a clan member’s rank icon in Clan Chat now allows you to view the job title.
8.The Clan Log i sable to show the last week’s visitor and capped count.
9.Total level requirement can be set for joining a clan, which offers qualification of member admission for players invited to join in (players invited by the clan owner excluded).

Changes in RS3 Clan chat

Clan chat has played an important role in communication between clan members.This week’s updates also make changes on it.
1.Clicking the I button now allow you to check the information of the clan you guest, and view the upcoming events on that clan’s Noticeboard.
2.When you guest in a Clan Chat, notifications of the time of upcoming event can be received.
3.Clan staff can set ‘Guest Clan PIN’ to stop uninvited guests from entering, which once changed, guests reconnecting to the clan chat will be kicked out unless they reenter using the right PIN. Clan staff can also set level requirements for players enter their clan.

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