RuneScape Is Still Running Well

RuneScape is a very famous game, released by Jagex on January 4th, 2001. Almost everyone has played this game when they were young. But as people grow older, everyone begins to mature and start to have new important things in their lives. Gradually, RuneScape no longer exists on their priority list, but most of the decline in the number of players was actually due to the update of “Evolution of Combat” in 2012, this update changed many of RuneScape’s combat mechanisms, which made it very unpopular because it made RuneScape the same as other MMORPG. Players want RuneScape to maintain its consistent uniqueness, but this update has changed everything. runescape 3 gold

In 2013, Jagex realized that the “Evolution of Combat” update was an important reason for the decline in the number of players, so they decided to set a poll up to see if the re-releasing the 2007 state of RuneScape would encourage people to return to the game back. Soon after, the old School RuneScape was born and thousands of players restarted the game as before. This is probably one of the best decisions Jagex has made.

Although the Old School RuneScape is supposed to be a replica of the state of RuneScape in 2007, it is still updated very frequently, and new content has been released. New bosses, items and tasks will be released regularly. One example is the continuation of the famous “Dragon Slayer” mission, Dragon Slayer 2 gives an interesting, new storyline, as well as a challenging boss and some unique items.

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