RUNESCAPE large gathering of tourist

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Maggie by speaking, tourism witch west of Draynor village lodestone began pursuit. She wants your help to complete her delicious goulash in a nearby cauldron.

In order to make the stew, she needs you to give her broom witch charmed her three friends: Aggie in Draynor Village, Betty in Port Sarim and Heidi in Rimmington; she would do herself, but her sick cattle, babe, can not be left alone.

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You visit a friend’s order does not matter, but each witch has a mystery.

Aggie in Draynor VillageEdit

Triangle pattern

You must create a triangle pattern contains four.

South to Draynor Village and Agee said that in the most western house, about enchanting broom. She tells you that enchantment needed in a special place, into a “magic chic ‘is completed.

Teleport agree, you will be taken to a small space, with its heart in the sand to create a pattern. Aguilar notify your specific sand symbol contains a hidden power, which could be harnessed into the broom.

The device must be created with four triangular end by sweeping four lines. Twelve kinds of solutions are shown on the right. Once you have completed the model, a force of will through regional and enchants Maggie’s broom

Betty in Port SarimEdit

Next, tell Betty in her home in Port Sarim magic shop, and told her about Maggie’s broom. Although she is very happy to replace it, she asked her wand is stored and locked in the basement. However, she suggested that her assistant, Lottie, used to help retrieve it.

Climb down into the store’s basement and Lottie, who tell you that the wand is in the chest and near it is the key to unlocking a mystery form of security – you need to put the southern chamber zoo back orders.

Ancelotti will give you a magic stone that will help you keep track of the animal while you are around them. Remember, these animals can only be moved to their current near a cage, you can not have two animals in a cage, at the same time. Bats and snails have been placed in a suitable pen.

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