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As World of Warcraft: Legion alpha test paused since December 21 until early in 2016, players can get a breather and review the things that have learned from the first part of testing. Here this guide is to help you sort out the highlights from Legion Alpha.
Classes: Fewer crossover skills between specs

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Classes are the first concern that will undergo significant changes in Legion. And the most particular one should be that there will be fewer crossover skills between specs. For example, some healing abilities that Paladins share in WoD will be removed, or severely curtailed for Retribution Paladins and Protection Paladins, while Holy Paladins will get healing abilities used in close combat instead of standing out on the edges of combat. And Blizzard also indicated that this reorganization of skills will help players to identify better with “class fantasy”.
Artifacts: Be the ultimate and more story-based

Now we have known that Artifact is the new type of weapon and the ultimate weapon coming in World of Warcraft Legio and no other weapons will drop there. It is worth mentioning that the artifacts will have more interaction with the main story, and players need to effectively upgrade their weapons through the task chain, rather than crafting the best weapons in the game. When artifacts power increased, you will be able to unlock traits and Relics, which can be socketed into weapon to add passive and active abilities. Thus, players will get new ways to play each class specification. Also note that Artifacts have model variations and color tints.
Class order hall: Tailored to represent all specs

Class order hall is definitely an amazing addition to Legion. Providing themed bases shared by every member of a class, it solves the problem players being isolated from Garrisons in WoD. Besides, it allows each player to be the leader of his class. For example, Paladins will convene in a stronghold underneath Light’s Hope Chapel, Death Knights have an updated Acherus Hold, and so like. Each class order hall is tailored to represent all specs or races. For example, the Hunter Order Hall is heavily influenced by Night Elven architecture. Some players also suggested containing more racial influences, but as it is now in testing, it will remain to be seen if further changes are made.
PVP: Gear has little impact on character strength

PvP is probably the one that is undergoing the most drastic changes in WOW Legion. Firstly, Honor and Conquest currencies won’t be able to buy gears any more. Instead, players need to earn Honor Points and increase Honor level to get a special PvP talent. Secondly, the PvP-specific gear will be removed from Legion and replaced by pre-determined stats that will only increase by 0.01% for each point your average item level increases. For more details, you can see Legion PVP Preview in Safewow’s previous post.

Though all above changes have been documented, none have yet to be made in the alpha. It’s assumed that PvP changes will be included in the new alpha version in January. Just stay tuned on Safewow, where you can get the latest information about the game, as well as the cheapest wow gold and other wow products!

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