Safewow tips: New Crafting Reagent Increases Armor Up to ilvl 710 in WOW 6.2 PTR

Blizzard has introduced a new crafting reagent, Felblood, in World of Warcraft 6.2 PTR. It seems that this new craft material will replace Savage Blood completely. So it is time to fight for more Felblood in Garrison Barn, and it’s time to buy US WOW gold to cheer up for fiercer battles!

New crafting reagent: Felblood

Felblood is the crafting reagent needed for 6.2 Crafting and Epic Gems, which can be obtained through the Garrison Barn and bought and sold on the Auction House.

Two recipes for crafting

Stage 5 Crafting, Mighty Essence, increases weapons to ilvl 690 and armor to ilvl 700. Data points to an additional crafting tier, Savage Essence, for ilvl 705 weapons and ilvl 710 armor.

Mighty Essences take 250 of a crafting reagent, 50 sorcerous elements, and 30 Felblood.

Savage Essences take 300 of a crafting reagent, 60 sorcerous elements, and 30 Felblood.

From the above data, we can see that these two crafting recipes are all required 30 Felblood, meaning, it is likely put Savage Blood in ice. All Savage Bloods you spare no efforts to gain will be worthless, with no Felblood gains as well. And it seems the easiest way to gain wow armor is buy them online.

New Immaculate Taladites

New Immaculate Critical Strike Taladites require Greater Gems, 10 Felblood, and 100 Taladite Crystals. These increase a stat by +75 and are Epic Gems!

According to the above changes in wow 6.2 PTR, Felblood as the new crafting reagent may replace Savage Blood completely. So now you need to collect as many Felbloods in Garrison Barn as you can to craft wow weapons and armor. But if you are tired of that, you can directly buy wow Garrison, or cheapest wow gold currently at safewow.

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