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The next quest :Troll Romance OSRS is start and meet with you all fans at old school runescape game, which need players to find a character – a troll who named ug to defeat a strong troll arrg, the following message will help you to join this quest and if you want some rs gold, don’t forget to buy rs gold on

Some details of Troll Romance quest

The Troll Romance quest requires 28 Agility, completion of Death Plateau OSRS and Troll Stronghold OSRS quest, and the ability to defeat a level 113 troll. Items required for this quest: an iron bar, maple or yew logs, rope, a cake tin, swamp tar, climbing boots and a bucket of wax.
To start the Troll Romance OSRS quest, speak to Ug who resides in the Troll Stronghold.

Tips for completing Troll Romance OSRS quest

1. When you enter the stronghold, use the stairs at the northern side of the corridor and take the southern corridor once down. Go through the door at the end of the corridor and speak to Ug in the room.?
2. To find Tenzing, go west and northwest up the path after teleporting to Burthorpe. Go southwest at the wounded soldier and then you will see the Tenzing’s hut.
3. Make sure to talk about the sled with Tenzing.
4. You can get wax by use the swamp tar with the bucket of wax in an empty cake tin. Then use the wax on the sled to make a waxed sled.
5. Do not ride the sled again after you stop. If you go all the way south on your sled, you will have to make your way back to the sledding path.
6. Protect from Melee is very useful when fighting against Arrg. You can turn on Protect from Melee, run to the centre of the raised land and wait for Arrg to catch up. Run to the gate once he is on the raised land, and then he will get stuck on the mountain wall.

Besides, wish you enjoy your game and finish this quest perfect.


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