Ship Details on WOW 6.2 PTR – Another Era to Grade on Status

Blizzard has added many more details on ships, like how to build them, how to upgrade the shipyard and how to send them on missions. Certainly, you can also learn new crafting reagents in wow 6.2 PTR to increase armor to ilvl 710 if you need.


Building the first ship will take 1000 Garrison Resources, but after that, it just needs several hundred resources to build a second or third.

Limits to build:

With a Level 1 Shipyard, you can only build Destroyers or Transporters. But submarine is added to level 2 Shipyard, and Carrier and Galleon will be added for level 3.


Creating a Level 1 Shipyard formerly took 5000 Garrison Resources, with another 1000 to build your first ship. On the current PTR, it’s down to 150 Garrison Resources.

Upgrading your Shipyard to level 2 currently requires 1000 Garrison Resources, 1000 cheap wow gold for sale, and 25 completed missions.

Ship Blueprint:

There are total 5 blueprints respectively to each type of ship, and blueprints can only be gained by upgrading your Shipyard. It is much like a certificate to build ships.

Names of ship:

Actually, all built ships are named after NPC. And you can only decide what kind of ship you will build, but not choose the specific name of NPC for your ship. Names are distributed randomly.

But there are some clues to track based on PTR. Blue ships are mostly named after famous NPCs, and green ones are always named partly after NPCs, for example, Ram’s Belly.

Send ships on mission:

Instead of one ship, you can send a whole fleet on mission to work together.

You just need to click on one of the threats on the Naval map to open up the mission.

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