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Summoning is a members only skill which enables players to summon familiars to help them out in both combat and skilling for a period of time. As you progress through the levels you are able to summon more useful and powerful familiars which generally stay with you for a longer duration. Summoning utilises summoning charms which are dropped by the majority of monsters found in Gielinor however they are untradable so collecting them can be very time consuming.

It is not only charms that are required to make pouches as each pouch requires a pouch, a number of spirit shards and a secondary ingredient to make. Most secondary ingredients are tradable and therefore can be purchased in bulk from other players although this can be quite costly, particularly at higher levels.

The only viable way of training Summoning is through making the familiar pouches as that is where the bulk of the experience is. Players summoning familiars and using their scrolls will receive a small amount of experience but not enough to consider it a means of training the skill. Pouches can be sold to other players to try and recoup some of the cost of training the skill or pouches may be exchanged for shards (70% of the pouch’s shard cost) by speaking to Bogrog or Lord Amlodd.


There are a number of items in the game that help with Slayer, many of them making it quicker to complete tasks or helping with drops.

In addition to these aides, there are two potions which allow you to restore your Summoning points. These are summoning potions and super restore potions. You can also use obelisks which can be found all over Gielinor to restore your points.

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