The Advantages and Disadvantages of ESO Werewolves and Vampires in PVP

Vampire in PVP
Vampire has the excellent starting skills after stealth: passive skills to stun enemy for 3.25 seconds. Passive skills can increase your stealth. What is the most important is that you get the very strong capabilities of regeneration and defense: Drain Essence is the most powerful skill to regenerate and interrupt. The passive adds double resource restoration by 10%. There is another passive skill to create a shield wall (damage reduced by 30%~50%) when your character’s Health is low; the less Health is, the higher damage reduction is. Battlefield is full of so many people that you feed your vampire for a long time.

Well, I just mentioned about defense capability… You forget it on the battlefield. As we all know, vampires have less fire resistance. However, half of Dragonknight can cause fire damage and the Templar class can cost skills with fire damage staffs. What’s more, Burning catapults can damage vampires. According to PTS players’ test, vampires have been killed instantaneously even if they wear the fire resistance rings. Therefore, defense is not very useful for vampire on the battlefield.
If the above can not persuade you out of defense, there is another point that all of guild skills have a special effect on vampires, which makes vampires say goodbye to PVP.

Vampire in PVE
Vampires haves Buff in PVE. On the one hand, as the above mentioned, viability can be guaranteed; on the other hand, vampires’ super regeneration capability in PVE means you can release more skills than others. The regeneration capability is stronger at night. Compared with werewolves, vampires do not have to sacrifice their ultimate skills. Apart from challenging spider hold dungeons, it is not too difficult that vampires, as Tank in fights, keep in Phase. If vampires in Phase IV play the DPS or Healer role, they are more powerful. The heavy fire skills in dungeon are AOE basically. Generally, common players can guarantee free fire damage.

If you just want to upgrade, you can keep in Phase I. In the fourth Phase, your vampire has to take food after slaying a group of monsters.

As long as you don’t swim in Magma and avoid the red circles on the map, vampires are able to fight better in PVE. Besides, The fire resistance of Dark Elf enable to reduce the fire passive effects on vampires.
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