The Changes of WOW Items/Equipment Level in Blackrock Foundry

In WOW, we know the world of warcraft is going to fix and improve the dropped items under the all of difficulty in Blackrock Foundry next week. Details are as follow:
[The Changes of WOW Items/Equipment Level in Blackrock Foundry]

The main purpose of this changes is to wow gold ensure that player can get in compliance with the award after you kill the new boss in Blackrock Foundry. We can find the teams which has already engaged Highmaul several month, they did not interested in the equipment dropped in Blackrock Foundry according to their current equipment level. In the farming new raid, the core part is that although your team can not kill the certain boss in that week, the equipment accumulation of your team in this week also will make more easier in the next time farming and increase the chance to kill the boss in next week.

This change will be effective for all equipment in Black Foundry, the level of equipment you get before, also will be improved. The changes of each difficulty of Blackrock Foundry as follows:

? LFR:650(Before)-> 655(After)
? Normal:665(Before)-> 670(After)
? Heroic:680(Before)-> 685(After)
? Mythic:695(Before)-> 700(After)

At the same time, the level of highest equipment produced by Professions skills and the level of equipment sold by Apexis Crystal merchant will increased by 5, so that the level of equipment is match with the corresponding dropped by Blackrock Foundry.

OK, let’s prepare for the Blackrock Foundry in next week!

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