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One 8 of the coppa italia final, 2014-15 season 6-1 victory over Juventus in Juventus arena verona. Giovinco brace, pereira 1 1, pogba, maura tower, Ronald koeman also scored a goal. Two teams play a total of 58 times, including 50 times for serie a games, verona 9-13-28, 45 goals in 83 pitches. In the last eight meeting between the two, juve 6 wins and two draws unbeaten. Last season’s league twice, Juventus 2-1 home victory, at 2-2 ping. Beat Juventus last verona, dates back to the round of 32, 1999-1999 season.

4 minutes, giovinco near the couple for Juventus won the free kick, the atomic ant to penalty goal right foot a curveball to bypass the wall after the sharp drop, while the other goalkeeper fly hit the ball, but still can’t stop it plunge into the net, 1-0. 21 minutes, juve to expand the score, lehi steiner, right Angle plug, rodriguez pereira wear gear gone, small right corner of the area in the face of attack rafael, calm after the goal Angle of successful, 2-0.

Straight 46th minute, and pereira, cross before lehi steiner, on the right side of the bottom line, flattery giovinco road kill to jog, 3 to 0, the first half ended, juve temporarily lead. 57th minute, pulled a goal back verona, lopez corner to the near post, marcos header ferry, inside the door loose hand, 4-1. The 62th minute, giovinco manufacturing penalty, maura tower fencing volley from successful, 5-1.

The 79th minute, the score becomes 6-1, the area koeman horizontal belt, get rid of the defensive player of the right foot after fire. Since then, the Juventus player Marty he also get the chance of a substitute. The match, the bianconeri home victory, easy promotion Italian cup in the first eight.

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