Tips to Help You Reach Level 60 Fast in WOW Classic

Some Classic WoW players are willing to immerse themselves in the leveling experience and deepen their understanding of their roles. Others have been playing this game for more than a decade, but it just feels trivial. Even new players can find that the Classic WOW level is too high. Of course, about 30 levels may be interesting, but what about 60 levels?

Compared with the retail WoW, the road to 60 is long and difficult. In the current World of Warcraft, players can use heirlooms, which is a special equipment or weapon that wow gold players can be adjusted according to their own personality, and always has powerful attributes. Traveling in retail World of Warcraft only takes a fraction of the time in classic World of Warcraft, allowing players to jump from one area to another with relative ease. You only need to quickly gain retail experience and zoom in step by step.

In short, retail WOW is optimized to encourage rapid upgrades, while Classic WOW is not. However, there are still some ways to optimize this grindy leveling process in Classic.

This is the fastest way to reach level 60 in one day:

Tip: When advanced players get the classic World of Warcraft enhancements, you need an average group level to approach your level. This means that you must lead other low-level participants.

Level 1-8: Mark mobs, and allow hunter or warlock friends to place pets on mobs. It must be a pet, not a player who caused damage. Higher-level players cannot join your group.

8-20 (Tribe) 10-20 (Alliance): If you are a tribe, enter the Ragefire divide instance at level 8. If you are a member of the alliance, enter Deadmines at level 10. Let higher level players raise you and your team to level 20.

20-38: You can now enter the Scarlet Monastery instance for higher players to upgrade.

38-54: Go to the Maraudon instance and repeat.

54-60: Zul Gurub raided.

This strategy is not feasible for all players, because you either need a very selfless level 60 friend, or you need a lot of cheap wow classic gold to pay for a friend. You also need a continuous stream of other players to join with your instance to reduce the average level of the team.

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