Watch OSRS DMM 2020 Permadeath Stage Livestream on May 30

OSRS DMM 2020 Permadeath stage will come at the end of the rs07 gold DMM event on May 30th. You could watch the official livestream if you have interests.


OSRS DMM Permadeath stage on May 30


From May 1st, all players with membership can log in to the DMM worlds to participate in OSRS DMM Tournament 2020. On OSRS DMM 2020 Permadeath stage (12:00 BST on May 30th), the top 2000 accounts will be flagged to access DMM world 400.

There is a chance to watch the official livestream of OSRS DMM Permadeath stage on Twitch if you have interests. The official livestream will begin at 19:00 BST on May 30th, exactly when the Permadeath stage starts.


OSRS DMM Tournament 2020 prizes


For this DMM Tournament, £25,000 will be given to three mental health charity partners: CPSL Mind, the Prince’s Trust, and You Are RAD. Here are the rewards offered for winners:

1st Place: $1,000 USD, Intel i9-9900k CPU, Intel SSD, The Razer Ultimate Bundle (Basilisk Ultimate +Huntsman Elite + Firefly V2 + Nari Ultimate), Intel Swag Bag and 1 Year OSRS Membership.

2nd Place: $500 USD, Intel SSD, Razer BlackWidow Elite, Intel Swag Bag and 1 Year Membership.

3rd & 4th Place: $250 USD, Razer Kraken Ultimate and Base Station Chroma OR Viper Ultimate and Gigantus Team Razer, and 1 Year Membership

5th – 16th Place: 1 Year Membership


Mark the date if you want to watch the official livestream.

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