What Is The Best WOW Classic Professions for PVP?

We all know that there are 12 professions in WoW classic, but there may be some confusion about how to choose buy classic wow gold these professions. Today we can discuss this together.

Firstly, how many professions can you have in WoW Classic ?

1. In WoW Classic, You can have two primary professions for each character. There are gathering professions (Skinning, Mining, Herbalism) and crafting professions (Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Engineering, Leatherworking, and Tailoring)

2. The other professions are classified as Secondary Professions (Cooking, Fishing, First Aid) and all can be learned.

Then, What is the best PvP Professions in Classic WoW?

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1. Engineering: Hands down, the best PvP Profession in Classic WoW in my opinion is Engineering. Not only can you utilize many types of bombs, grenades and other gizmos to aid in PvP scenarios, but you can also craft gear, too! I strongly recommend checking out Unique Engineering PvP Items for Classic for more in-depth information on the many uses of Engineering items in PvP.

2. Alchemy: In second place, I do think ?Alchemy is a strong runner up. With ?Alchemy, you can concoct potions that can greatly aid you in PvP combat such as ?Free Action Potion, Swiftness Potion, ?Superior Healing Potion and many more. Or, utilize extra stats from Elixirs.

3. Blacksmithing: And as a runner up, because you can obtain Glimmering Mithril Insignia from completing a series of quests with high enough skill level, I’m going to go choose Blacksmithing. Having a 30 second Fear immunity is massive vs. certain classes.

Above is the experience sharing about the choice of WoW classic profession, hope it will be helpful for you.

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