World of Warcraft Classic Combustion Buff Permanent Presence Mechanic Guide

With the opening of the fifth phase of the classic World of Warcraft game and the influx of veteran players, many bugs from more than a decade ago have reappeared on the radar of World of Warcraft players, such as the effect of the permanent existence of the Sandworm Poison buff. while the bug was quickly fixed by Blizzard, players seemed to be inspired by the bug, so recently the boisterous combust buff from the classic World of Warcraft game was pioneered by mage players.

Combustion is the ultimate skill in the Fire Mage talent, the skill effect is that each release of a Flame spell after use can increase the player’s chance of a Blitz by 10% until the Flame spell causes 3 Blitzes and then the Combustion buff disappears. In previous normal usage, this skill was used as a short burst skill that did high damage but had a short duration, but when the buff could be permanent, the situation was completely different.

Recently, you can occasionally see a mage playing INSTANCE with a 5-7 layer combust buff on top of it, and a 5 layer combust will increase the riot chance by 50%, plus the riot chance that comes with the mage’s attribute panel, which can almost do 7-9 riots for 10 skills. This is a very exaggerated riot probability now, and I’ll explain how to get this combust buff next.

The permanent effect of Sandworm’s Poison, which everyone is very familiar with before, is obtained by buffing in and out of instance at the last second, and in fact, this time around, the mage’s combustion buff is the same. Players can find a low level instance, such as the Horde’s Raging Flame Canyon or the Alliance’s Tempest City Prison, go inside and attack a group of MONSTERS first, then players can quickly run to the instancedoor, then the fire mage releases a combusting skill, and then a flame AOE skill, such as Shockwave, etc., when players find that the combusting BUFF in the skill box on the interface is in the process of refreshing, immediately leave the instance. At this time the combusting buff will always exist in the buff bar, but the thing to mention is that the number of layers is random, with a probability of 6-7 layers, and as long as the character doesn’t die, then the relevant buff will always exist.

The combusting buff damage is very exaggerated, and I personally think that this bug will be fixed by Blizzard sooner or later, and today many players said that this method has been fixed by Blizzard, but after I tested it and found that it has not been fixed, whether it is the display effect of the combusting buff, or the actual effect is exactly the same as before, which shows that Blizzard did not spend a lot of energy on this problem. By the way, World of Warcraft Classic gold, as the most important currency in World of Warcraft classic, most of the players are struggling for wow classic gold, if you want to get World of Warcraft gold classic easily, then come to and take a look, you can buy WoW Classic Gold from this website.

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