WOW 6.2 PTR Update: Three New Followers Added in Tanaan Jungle

Few days ago, Blizzard clarified some puzzles about Tanaan Jungle in WOW Patch 6.2. Although Tanaan Jungle is the only zones in World of Warcraft 6.2, it is one of the major zones. In the latest update about wow 6.2 PTR, the devs have added three exclusive followers to Tanaan, each with unique ability.

1. Pallas

Vendor: Z’tenga the Walker

Zone: Tanaan Jungle

Faction: Saberstalkers – Honored

Level 100, Rare, Combat Rogue, Item level 645

Abilities: Apex Predator – greatly increases success chance when fighting many creature types, including beast, orc, ogre, Arakkoa, demon, primal, and breaker. It is pretty cool, right?

2. Dowser Goodwell

Vendor: Vindicator Krethos

Zone: Tanaan Jungle

Faction: Hand of the Prophet – Honored

Level 100, Rare, Holy Priest, Item level 645

Abilities: Greasemonkey – increase the oil gained from a mission by 100%.

Way to gain: buy it with 600 gold for WOW

3. Solar Priest Vayx:

Vendor: Dawn-Seeker Krisek

Zone: Tanaan Jungle

Faction: Order of the Awakened – Honored

Level 100, Rare, Fire Mage, Item level 645

Abilities: Apexis Attenuation (increase the Apexis Crystals gained from a mission by 100%)

How to gain: buy it with 1000 Apexis Crystals

Except for these new additions, plenty of content in wow 6.2 patch PTR remains unchangeable, and you can check its major content by clicking here. Besides, there is no doubt that a potentially fierce battle is underway in Tanaan Jungle, and you can buy wow gold us on Safewow if you are in need of it.

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