WOW Classic Gold is Too Hard to Farm, What to Do?

Many players are excited about the return of the WOW classic, and many players are already rubbing their hands and waiting for the official opening of WOW classic. But when you think about the long leveling process and the difficulty of farming gold, many players feel very trouble.

Although WOW gold is hard to farm, but it’s have to earn, after all, in WOW classic, gold is a very important currency. If no Gold, we cannot learn skill, If no Gold, we cannot buy medicaments, and also cannot attend raid, if no Gold, we cannot buy 1000 gold mount(Swift Palomino). It is no exaggeration to say that in WOW classic, gold is the most important thing! No gold, no WOW classic.

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In the World of Warcraft classic, gold are usually earned through manual labor, as little as 30 gold COINS per hour. One hour is so precious for players that it’s a waste of time to finish a boring gold brush.

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