WOW Classic: Naxxramas is officially activated; World of Warcraft classic tank combat guide

As the only designated tank in World of Warcraft in the 1960s, the fighter’s status in the team is unquestionable. Especially after the opening of the sixth stage of Naxxramas, the significance of the tank in the team is even more important, and the team has also improved. The status of the treatment, today I will talk about some of the more difficult bosses in Naxxramas, as Zhantan’s response details.

At present, with the update of tactics, in addition to the widespread use of Berserker Tanks, players have also developed new tricks and flashes equipped with tanks to deal with spiked damage BOSS like Patchwick, and they have achieved good results. , I won’t go into details here, and talk about other BOSS:


This is an entry test of NAXX for MT. It is no exaggeration to say that the speed at which the tank enters the state will directly determine the team’s wasteland reclamation process for this boss.

Anubrekan’s physical attack is not terrible, but the chain of “piercing-landing-crushing” is the main cause of death of MT under normal boss conditions. Therefore, MT must pay close attention to its own blood volume when piercing and landing in the air. If you still do not get the necessary treatment before landing, please help yourself in time. Try to avoid getting close to the melee class to effectively avoid the chance of puncture.


Although it is the most convenient guarding BOSS in each district, due to the existence of the whole group of spider webs and the final RUSH stage raging, this BOSS still has a little survival pressure. It is best to ensure that he is full of BUFF and more than 10,000 blood. Achieving 12,000 HP is already very good.

After the rage, the BOSS will also release a spider web entanglement. It is best to leave the shield wall at this time and open it. Finally, be sure to keep screaming frustrated throughout, which will put your survivability to a higher level.


The more health and armor, the better. The frustration and powerful stone shields are maintained throughout the entire process. Drink natural and dark resistance potions before the battle. Be sure to bring life gems and as many healing stones as possible (different levels). Don’t begrudge the use of the wall, because no one knows when and how many times the treatment gap will occur. Reasonable and timely use of life gems, healing stones, ruined boats, shield walls, and knight’s holy healing are the only and necessary means to make up for the healing gap.


It can be said that it is the most tank-testing BOSS in the entire copy of Naxxramas. In the first stage, the tank only needs to be responsible for pulling the fat man, and try to pull the fat man in the middle of the circle to facilitate DPS movement without affecting the peripheral vision.

In the second stage, the control of the four tanks on the boss is the top priority of the entire battle:

Try to pull the BOSS in the center of the circle. The whole group is obliged to take care of the interruption of Frostbolt, but it should be completed by 4 Ts as much as possible, because the shield strike itself will generate great hatred, thereby increasing the utilization of anger. At present, many teams use the tactics of melee group interruption, which can also increase the probability of fault tolerance.

After the current tank is controlled by the chain of Kel’Thuzad, whether other tanks can successfully take over the hatred is not a big problem. It is still very necessary for all non-current tanks to drink anger potions at the first time, especially after being controlled, and voice communication is required to stop DPS properly. If you have any need in WOW Classic, like: Can I buy WOW Classic Gold? You can find youself an answer in Came and get it.

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